This package was first debianized by Fabien Ninoles on Sun, 4 Oct 1998 23:22:10 -0400. It is now maintained by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov It was maintained by Philip Brown in the past It was downloaded from Upstream Author: Philip Brown Copyright: Sigh. the legal stuff just gets messier and messier. I, Philip Brown, am now writing my own license again. "The Program" in this document refers to kdrill, (c) 1991-2005 "{A/the} distribution" refers to the full contents of a tar file, or other archive, used by me to distribute the program from my ftp or web site. The overall purpose of this document is to declare: "This is MY program. I care about what happens to it. Don't mess me around or I'll sue your butt" Now on to the nice stuff. You, or anyone else, is free to use the program whenever, and however they like for themselves, for no charge. I make no warantee, implied or otherwise, as to the safety, bugfreeness, or anything else, of this program [etc, etc]. That being said, if you TELL ME about a bug, I'll try to fix it :-) REDISTRIBUTION: You may redistribute the program in any of the ways below, without charge: a) A binary-only compilation of an unmodified distribution from Adjustments to the Imakefile, or X resource file are not considered modifications. You must provide a noticeable message that the full source code is on, and that I am the original author. b) Full source code [binaries optional] You may choose to provide source modifications, and binaries based on those modifications. However, the original program distribution must be present, in its entirety, unaltered, along with your files. c) A set of patches to an unmodified distribution. You do not have to provide the distribution, just a pointer to, and a notice that I am the original author. Philip Brown Wed, 2 Aug 2000 15:25:05 -0700