fai (5.3.5) unstable; urgency=low [ Manuel Hachtkemper ] * LAST/50-misc: ignore dmsetup errors * 40-parse-profiles.sh, 41-warning.sh: return with 0 [ Edgar Fuß] * fcopy: move code, Closes: #484666 * fcopy: add code for handling symlinks correctly, Closes: #853856 [ Jan Luca Naumann ] * fai-make-nfsroot: fix wrong path, Closes: #854550 [ Ian Kelling ] * mk-basefile: make sure root directory has mode 755, Closes: #854654 [ Thomas Lange ] * install_packages: add handling of packagename:arch, Closes: #855799 * control: fcopy needs libfile-lchown-perl * Makefile: fix build error because of missing lchown.pm -- Thomas Lange Wed, 22 Mar 2017 20:17:17 +0100 fai (5.3.4) unstable; urgency=low * 30-interface: use new nic names also for the fixed IP setup, use CIDR instead of ip address, netmask, broadcast * get-boot-info: set CIDR * fai-diskimage: remove test if LVM is used on the host -- Thomas Lange Tue, 24 Jan 2017 13:54:01 +0100 fai (5.3.3) unstable; urgency=low * move default config to stretch * setup-storage: do execute raid/lvm parts only if needed Closes: #845428 * LAST/50-misc: do raid/lvm test only if installation is run on client * fai-cd: add -p to grub-mkimage call * disk_config/CLOUD: fix option name * control: change build dependeny, Closes: #850356 -- Thomas Lange Mon, 09 Jan 2017 16:02:41 +0100 fai (5.3.2) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * install_packages: readd -N, new code for removing unknown package names and handling multiple occurrences of a package with suffix + - * fai-make-nfsroot: create /var/lib/dpkg/available during package installation * fai-mirror: call install_packages with -N [ Emmanuel Kasper ] * fai-diskimage: improve LVM test -- Thomas Lange Mon, 12 Dec 2016 15:01:47 +0100 fai (5.3.1) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * fai-monitor-gui: ignore lines matching ^VARIABLE * CENTOS: disable selinux * savelog.LAST.sh: add ignore pattern * remove unsafe-io config at the end * UBUNTU/90-apt: fix setting locale [ Andrew bezella ] * fai-make-nfsroot: improve test [ dpoon ] * fai-disk-info -- Thomas Lange Tue, 06 Dec 2016 16:06:00 +0100 fai (5.3) unstable; urgency=high [ Thomas Lange ] * install_packages: add new keyword install-norec, calling apt-get without recommends, remove option -N remove check for packages names using AptPkg::Cache * control: add Depends, Breaks, Closes: #842083 * fai-diskimage: add -N, which is passed to the fai call, Closes: #843209, do not run if host uses LVM * fai: allow -N and -c at the same time * package_config/DEBIAN: add locales-all for class CLOUD * packages_config/*: use install-norec instead of aptitude * disk_config/CLOUD: use only one partition * init.d/expand-root: new script used at first time boot up * class/*/GCE: improve class GCE, add expand-root * fai-mirror: remove test that prevents it to call multiple times * fai, config space: remove $action and use $FAI_ACTION from the very beginning * class/[01-classes,02-classes]: new scripts for defining classes from $cmdlineclasses * subroutines: save dmesg only if running on a client host * 10-misc: add test if localtime is a symlink, Closes: #843780 * setup-storage.8: add EFI/ESP example, Closes: #843593 [ Josef Lusticky ] * fai-make-nfsroot: use apt-key to export gpg key for fai-project.org package repository [ Sam Hartman ] * add EFI suppoort, Closes: #843639 * Commands.pm: Fix handling of btrfs single volume devices, Closes: #843716 -- Thomas Lange Mon, 21 Nov 2016 13:10:38 +0100 fai (5.2) unstable; urgency=low The "FAI is entering the cloud" release. [ Thomas Lange ] * fai-diskimage: new script, create disk images for VM or "The Cloud" * fai-diskimage.8: new man page * .../GCE: new class GCE for Google Compute Engine customization * updatebase: execute aptitude only if it's available, Closes: #831547 * fcopy: print warning only in debug mode, Closes: #826897 * fai-class: do not read hostname from /proc if $HOSTNAME is already set, Closes: #833987 * subroutines: do not always call bash in die() set NIC1 before entering a loop be less verbose * make use of |& shortcut * activate swap only during inital install * fai: code cleanup, remove unused code, set $classes if -c is used * setup-storage: remove code that handles loop devices, no special handling needed, do not try to determine raid and lvm info if tools are missing * move mount2dir into fai-client * add class/41-warning.sh * remove user/password in grub.cfg for fai-cd * setup.DEFAULT.sh: set hostname only during inital install * mk-basefiles: add usage, add generic subroutine for Debian and Ubuntu, new options -a, -k -s, cleanup exclude list * GRUB_PC/10-setup: special treatment if a disk image is used do not set up grub during dirinstall * fai-kvm: when booting from disk, you can specify a disk image * disk_config/CLOUD: new config, new class * replace test [ "$verbose" ] with [ X$verbose = X1 ] * fai-do-scripts: be less verbose * sources.list: add [trusted=yes] to fai-project.org line * fai-mirror: remove --force-yes * instsoft.DEBIAN: reconfigure locales if already installed * rc.local/FAISERVER: make fai-monitor start on every boot * fai-guide.txt: add section about fai-diskimage * control: suggest packages for fai-server needed by fai-diskimage * LAST/50-misc: create a useful sources.list if installed from CD [ Andrew bezella ] * get-config-dir-http: prefix the curl command with HOME=/root * NFSROOT: add ca-certificates * instsoft.DEBIAN: don't exit hook on dirinstall * scripts/FAISERVER,DEBIAN: copy file also during dirinstall [ Edgar Fuß ] * fcopy: fix for fcopy -H -r fail to copy a symlink in case it points to an existing directory [ Stefan Lauterwasser ] * setup-storage: add support for Intel Matrix Storage Manager [ Kerim Güney ] * setup-storage: Device name issue when using btrfs on NVMe device, Closes: #831327 Fix for when btrfs device was used as boot device, the variable necessary for the grub script would not be set. [ Paul Schulz ] * setup-storage.8: add documentation for luks add cryptsetup [ Andrew Ruthven ] * setup-storage: Add lukscreateopts to disk config file. [ Ian Kelling ] * 30-interface: determine predictable network names, Closes: #834817 -- Thomas Lange Fri, 18 Nov 2016 15:40:12 +0100 fai (5.1.2) unstable; urgency=low * fai-cd: mount /proc before calling dracut * savelog.LAST.sh: improve regex -- Thomas Lange Thu, 15 Sep 2016 04:09:47 +0200 fai (5.1.1) unstable; urgency=low * use Xenial for Ubuntu * control: update standards version -- Thomas Lange Thu, 30 Jun 2016 22:04:23 +0200 fai (5.1) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * add support for 4.x kernel using overlayfs and dracut >= 044+150-1 * dhcp-edit: fix regex * NFSROOT: add dracut-core, remove cupt, module-init-tools * fai-mount-disk: use glob instead of backtick * fai-make-nfsroot: force some cp calls, adding aufs is not needed in config * fai-chboot: automatic test if aufs or overlayfs is needed * grub.cfg.autodiscover: use aufs and rootovl * add support for sftp, scp, https to get-config-dir * install_packages: ad support for apt * start sshd if flag is defined early * ftar: syntax fix, do not use FAI_CLASSES if -c is used * subroutines: remove unsuded code in task_faiend() * get-boot-info: match new network device names, remove unneeded code * add lvm support to CentOS 7, improve CentOS 6 * control: new package name in Suggests * grub.cfg: add queit to cmdline [ Andrew bezella ] * instsoft.DEBIAN: fix regex * do not change hostname during dirinstall, ignore md/lvm during dirinstall * write /etc/network/interfaces also on dirinstal * DEBIAN.var: fix syntax error [ remy.d1@gmail.com ] * mk-basefile: add xenial support -- Thomas Lange Tue, 28 Jun 2016 10:31:25 +0200 fai (5.0.3) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * move code from task_confdir to task_setup, Closes: #813626 * updatebase: do not divert invoke-rc.d, closes: #814841 * task_sysinfo: copy fstab to LOGDIR if found on disk [ Kerim Güney ] * device2grub,fai-disk-info: add support for NVMe devices [ Ian Kelling ] * docs: consistent usage of key file -- Thomas Lange Wed, 09 Mar 2016 11:07:18 +0100 fai (5.0.2) unstable; urgency=low * load_keymap_consolechars: fix wrong file name, Closes: #812789 * fai-scan.sh: fix for parsing option fai.discover * fai-kvm: add support for booting from disk * examples: use lightdm instead of xdm * fai-cd: better regex for copying files, preserve owner * create empty key file if it does not exist * rc.local/FAISERVER: better pattern for ainsl * fai-guide.txt: fix URL -- Thomas Lange Wed, 27 Jan 2016 13:44:53 +0100 fai (5.0.1) unstable; urgency=low * fai-make-nfsroot: fix calling without -v does not setup ssh, also set classes when using -k, add subroutine setclasses * new hook setup.DEFAULT.sh sets short hostname * UBUNTU: add demo user to more groups * read and write hostname using /proc instead calling hostname * fix file name in sources.list.d/ * use flask theme for html version of fai-guide * fai-mirror: add -b, call install_packages with -N, initialize variable * fai-kvm: use different default title * 20-hwdetect.sh: fix test * UBUNTU/90-apt: create sources.list, do not use template -- Thomas Lange Thu, 10 Dec 2015 21:37:01 +0100 fai (5.0) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * major rewrite of the FAI guide * extrbase.IMAGE: new hook that installs from a file system image this is tested with Ubuntu 14.04 and CentOS 7 * fcopy: use xattrs, acl and selinux options if available * use httpredir.debian.org instead of http.debian.net * fai: fix test, Closes: #780733 * fai-mount-disk: now support lvm and RAID: Closes: #769229 * fai-mount-disk: add option -w, add btrfs support * use .sh instead of .source suffix for file being sourced * do not add machine-id into base file, create a new one Closes: #787235 * fai-monitor: add reply function which is used for autodiscover * fai-monitor.8: add info about the new protocol extensions * install_packages, get-config-dir-http: use curl instead of wget * fai-make-nfsroot: remove option -l, add otion -z, use xz as default compression, use os-release to define more classes for install_packages, use fcopy for sources.list if it's not a file remove more files if building generic nfsroot add test if sysvinit-core was installed setup ssh environment when using -a use apt-get instead of aptitude do not install recommends inside nfsroot install dracut-* packages early, they are now hardcoded here add dracut.conf.d files to make initrd smaller check if some essential packages are installed use environment variable APTPROXY add the key of the fai-project package repository make sure to install fai-nfsroot before other packages add livenet module, which is needed for getting the nfsroot via http * fai-setup: also add config space dir to exports, new home dir for LOGUSER, exit with correct error code * fai-cd: add -A, -J, -e, fix xorriso options to USB sticks bootable do only copy dists and pool dirs from mirror, do not put resolv.conf onto the CD, add more dirs to hide list do not add memtest menu entry on bootonly CD * grub.cfg: add --unrestricted to some menu entries, handle boot from local disk via chainloader more advanced add entry for FAI server with fixed IP do not enable networking for the rescue boot entry * install_packages: add dnf support * subroutines: print execution time for each task if $duration is set do not print hash of ROOTPW new subroutine read_fai_monitor_vars, called by task_confdir check if kernel modules dir matches the kernel version check only for network or CD installation, Closes: #788230 print disk_config if an error occurs within setup-storage put apt keys into separate files * control: add mksquashfs-tools * fai-mirror: take arch into account in base-pkgs.lis, do not remove reprepro dirs in mirror, fix order of getting packages, preserve reprepro config files, also use files in /etc/fai/apt/sources.list.d add option -P, Thanks to Andreas Heinlein for the patch save and restore sources.list, use xz instead of bz2 * dhcp-edit: make restart_dhcpd more quiet, allow non-root if using -d * fai.conf: add detailed info about FAI_CONFIG_SRC format * fai-kvm: add option -D, -V, -U, -N, -t, disable floppy disk increase default dis size, improve help * add fai-kvm to package fai-client * new script fai-mk-network for creating test networks * NFSROOT: use class DEBIAN_8, do not install systemd-sysv into the nfsroot, add dracut-config-generic, use curl instead of wget * increase MAXPACKAGES * 10-setup: call update-grub later, disable os-prober because of #788062 * package_config: add desktop-base for nicer grub and desktop background * 20-capabilities: add fping executables, print message on success * get-config-dir-http: add ram disk before extracting, remove md5sum checking * simple examples: fix SELinux problems with CentOS 7, fix gnome package name, use apt-get instead of aptitude for linux-image packages, xfcehost now uses lvm partitions, add templates for sources.list for UBUNTU and GNOME, generate Ubuntu sources.list dynamically via netselect * add Ubuntu profile * major improve of FAISERVER example, setup of FAI server done by rc.local * 20-hwdetect.source: fix setting $disklist, calling set_disk_info is insufficient 50-host-classes: set class DHCP depending on the content of the ip= parameter of the kernel command line * 40-parse-profiles.sh: new script for creating a curses based menu * Commands.pm: use parted instead of sfdisk for setting boot flag Closes: #798390 * Fstab.pm: put comments on a seperate line, Closes: #784842 Thanks to Raphael Geissert for the patch * task_sysinfo: start lvm, Closes: #769229, print also btrfs infos * fai-chboot: add support for writing .tmpl files, new default (-1) for localboot, search nfsroot for kernel suffix, several fixes * fai-chboot.8: improve -d, -e description, Closes: #800475 * create_resolv_conf: use dracut's resolv.conf if available * fai-nfsroot2image removed, this can now be done using fai-cd * fai-savelog: return error code if scp fails * subroutines: call task_error after fai-savelog -r * get-boot-info: do not use DHCP hostname if already set * drop support for old script names which were changed in 4.0 * add dracut module for fai autodiscover, add grub.cfg.autodiscover * instsoft.DEBIAN: add ucf example, Closes: #313397, #502394 * mk-basefile: update Ubuntu support * fai: if no hostname was set, use IP for setting the hostname * 40-misc: create mtab symlink [ Kerim Güney ] * fai-cd: use dracut instead of live-boot, remove option -n, -k, add option -S, -A * grub.cfg: adjust option for booting with dracut * Exec.pm: print original error message if no predefined message is detected * Commands.pm: Allow single device/partition btrfs configurations using the same simple disk_config syntax as for ext4 etc. Prevent setup-storage from attempting to run mkfs twice for single device btrfs filesystems Remove hardcoded fstabkey and enables using label and uuid for btrfs Don't disable volume groups that need to be preserved, Closes: #787843 implement test for btrfs/lvm create options, Closes: #750212 * setup-storage: support parted's old "resize" command and also the new "resizepart", add support for parted >=2.4, Closes: #785804 enable installation of LVM volume groups directly onto an unpartitioned disk. * Fstab.pm: list all btrfs devices in comment line * Parser.pm: Catch disk config that dictates preserving a partition that doesn't exist * setup-storage: test if we need a reload or restart of the nfs server * fai-guide: review and update [ Thomas Neumann ] * Fstab.pm: use local variable instead of global, remove &FAI:: from local function [ Moritz 'Morty' Strübe ] * fetch-basefile: create basefiles-folder if it does not exist * fai-make-nfsroot: fix check for /sbin/init -- Thomas Lange Mon, 23 Nov 2015 19:09:12 +0100 fai (4.3.3) unstable; urgency=high * setup-storage: add support for parted >=2.4, Closes: #785804 -- Thomas Lange Tue, 26 May 2015 12:56:26 +0200 fai (4.3.2) unstable; urgency=low [Thomas Lange] * fai: Fix IP address lifetime, Closes: #780144 Thanks to Christian Seiler * fai-cd: check the file inside the nfsroot, Closes: #776417 * fai-savelog: remove trailing slash, Closes: #772079 * ftar: use --numeric-owner when extracting, Closes: #759273 * add variable $FAI_MONITOR_PORT * grub.cfg: replace chainloader with multiboot command * fai-disk-info, Init.pm: add regex for FusionIO devices * install_packages: change perl syntax, thanks to Rainer Müller for the patch *get-config-dir: create $FAI directory * update copyright dates [ Kerim Güney ] * Commands.pm: add proper prerequisites for btrfs -- Thomas Lange Tue, 17 Mar 2015 13:19:55 +0100 fai (4.3.1) unstable; urgency=low [Thomas Lange] * Init.pm: fix code which uses value of $ENV{flag_initial}, Closes: #769923 * fai-quickstart.postrm: add new script, Closes: #769097 * fai-cd: add test if command strings is available, Closes: #769683 * control: add binutils to suggests for fai-server and to depends for fai-quickstart, Closes: #769683 * control: use newer package name ntfs-3g instead of ntfsprogs * conf/NFSROOT: fix typo in package name * fai-kvm: remove deprecated option from kvm call * 40-install-grub: fix code, so the exit code is not always != 0 * disk_config: remove separate /usr and /var, make / bigger [Moritz 'Morty' Strübe] * control: fix lintian warning debhelper-but-no-misc-depends * fai-guide.txt: correct information about apt/.asc files -- Thomas Lange Wed, 19 Nov 2014 16:06:10 +0100 fai (4.3) unstable; urgency=low [Kerim Güney] * add btrfs support to setup-storage and to the man page * Fix a small LVM bug concerning VG names [Thomas Lange] * make jessie the default release * mk-basefile: add jessie * NFSROOT: add pxelinux and syslinux-common instead of defining package dependency * fai-make-nfsroot: also copy ldlinux.c32 from the nfsroot * task_inventory now calls task_savelog -r * fcpoy: add warning if pre/postinst script is not executable * dhcp-edit: drop support for old dhcp pathes * fai-chboot: add option -U * disk_config: increase size of / partition [Christian Seiler] * subroutine: On failure: also call hooks for savelog, Closes: #764246 [ Andreas B. Mundt] * Restore capabilities that get lost in the base.tar.xz archive -- Thomas Lange Fri, 24 Oct 2014 14:34:46 +0200 fai (4.2.5) unstable; urgency=low [Thomas Lange] * control: increase standards version, no changes needed * remove fai-vol_id with blkid call, this wrapper is not needed any more [Thomas Neumann] * minor code cleanup in setup-storage [ Mika Prokop] * setup-storage handling of empty disk(s) with parted >=3.* -- Thomas Lange Mon, 29 Sep 2014 16:12:03 +0200 fai (4.2.4) unstable; urgency=medium * mkramdisk: replace mount --move with bind mount, Closes: #760133 -- Thomas Lange Wed, 10 Sep 2014 16:07:56 +0200 fai (4.2.3) unstable; urgency=low [Thomas Lange] * fai-make-nfsroot: a lot of jessie adjustments make mount --move work in jessie, Closes: #758613 disable systemd module in dracut copy ldlinux.c32 if available, Closes: #757092 pxelinux.0 changes its path in jessie, Closes: #757092 * nfsroot.conf: add aptitude to debootstrap's package list, Closes: #759795 * NFSROOT: add package for booting jessie without systemd, Closes: #758614 -- Thomas Lange Sun, 31 Aug 2014 00:34:36 +0200 fai (4.2.2) unstable; urgency=low [Thomas Lange] * control: fai-client now depends on debconf-utils, Closes: #755925 * start sshd very early if FAI_FLAGS=sshd is added to the kernel command line * kill rsyslogd before rebooting * GRUB_PC/10-setup: move grub-install call to else part * fai-monitor-gui: ignore a specific output line of fai-monitor * THANKS: add Kerim * mk-basefile: add entries for CentOS 7 * add CentOS 7 support in examples * generate device.map for CentOS 7, Closes: #755702 [Kerim Gueney] * setup-storage: fix preserve issue when attempting a combination of RAID and LVM ensures that the VG is active, before trying to wipe any LV -- Thomas Lange Fri, 25 Jul 2014 15:43:21 +0200 fai (4.2.1) unstable; urgency=low [Thomas Lange] * fai-cd: fix missing colon in getopt for option -C, Closes: #753113 * subroutine: remove obsolete -c3 from rsyslogd call * updatebase: call fcopy with -B * fai: set STOP_ON_ERROR only if not already defined * setup-storage: call wipefs with correct device name and active VG before wiping, Closes: #670614, #675137, #693701 Thanks to Kerim Gueney for the patches * setup-storage: sameas: now supports diskX and sda/vda as parameter * setup-storage: Fixes wipefs problem when attempting to preserve lv or vg Thanks to Christian Kreidl for the patch * setup-storage: fix for preservcing lv, deactivate vg before calling parted, Thanks to Kerim Gueney for the patch * add developers documentation for setup-storage -- Thomas Lange Wed, 09 Jul 2014 15:16:22 +0200 fai (4.2) unstable; urgency=low * fai-cd: use xorriso instead of genisoimage, this adds support for isohybrid images, thanks to Sander Brandenburg for the patch do not mount nfsroot when creating bootonly CD, Closes: #748839 Thanks to Kerim Gueney for the patch add option -d, Thanks to Kerim Gueney for the patch add support for new pathes in jessie * faireboot,subroutines: do not shutdown interfaces * get-config-dir-git: added patch 1b567f8c6790176c142f837 Closes: #682067, #727687 * install_packages: disable package name checking when using 'aptitude-r' * fai-chboot: fix wrong IPAPPEND parameter * NFSROOT: add package kdb which includes command setfont * new code for detecting if run from CD or USB stick * ainsl: add option -N, improve loop syntax, standardise use of "and,or,&&,||", thanks to Rowan Thorpe for the patches * grub.cfg: add FAI_CONFIG_SRC for CD to kernel command line * fai: do not set default for FAI_CONFIG_SRC when booting from CD * fai-setup: add NFS v4 entry to /etc/exports -- Thomas Lange Tue, 03 Jun 2014 10:47:13 +0200 fai (4.1.1) unstable; urgency=high * doc/Makefile: use symlink instead of --icons-dir, Closes: #741809 * fai-debconf: sort debconf data before using it, Closes: #741929 Thanks to Christian Kreidl for the patch * 10-setup: set locale when executing perl code, otherwise matching may fail * fai-chboot: fix perl warning -- Thomas Lange Mon, 31 Mar 2014 17:02:41 +0200 fai (4.1) unstable; urgency=low [Thomas Lange] * new action inventory * new variable $FAI_SENDID, sendmon can now send the MAC address or PXE info instead of the hostname, FAI_SENDID must be defined on the kernel command line or in the nfsroot, defining it in the config space is too late. * DEBIAN.asc: new gpg key for the fai-project.org package repository * README: new gpg key for Thomas, new address * new variable $APTPROXY, if set it is used in updatebase.DEBIAN * fai-cd: add option -M * FAISERVER: move from approx to apt-cacher-ng, no more apache needed Closes: #669739 * instsoft.DEBIAN: new hook, Closes: #506971 * fai: fix wrong usage of ainsl, Closes: #714869 check if process is already running before starting rpc.statd * fcopy: do not set atime/mtime if preinst was used, Closes: #699535 * remove fai-quickstart.{postinst,postm}, Closes: #679293 * setup-storage: support more than 9 drives with ciss driver, thanks to Alexandros Kosiaris for the patch Closes: #712572 * Commands.pm: add blank to command, thanks to Sven Schumacher for the patch, Closes: #698158, remove text tool call on binary data Closes: #723084, thanks to Raphael Geissert for the patch, check against undefined variables * install_packages: extend regex, thanks to Andrew Ruthven for the patch Closes: #701875 * Parser.pm: add package to variable name, thanks to Scotland L. Nelsen for the patch Closes: #703326, #695317 * fai-cd: remove doubled entries, patch from Andi B. Mundt, Closes: #682799, die unless live-boot is used, * task_sysinfo: add lsblk call, show lvm information * fai-guide.txt: reference new examples for skiptask Closes: #569969 * fai.conf.5: improve description of file://, add a note that fai.conf is not copied into the nfsroot * updatebase: do not reset aptopt variable, Closes: #728439 * get-config-dir-hg: add -u to pull, Closes: #729440 * get-boot-info: parse ip=ethX:dhcp items on the kernel command line, new code for detecting if DHCP or fixed IP address is needed, use command ifdata to get IP parameters * setup-storage: Fix Perl error, Closes: #703326, Thanks to Scot Nelsen for the patch * 10-setup: add code for installing grub into all devices of a software raid, check if mdadm was missing * device2grub: add support for /dev/xvda * fai-make-nfsroot: use run-parts, use ramdisk on /var/cache, add quotes to preserve *.asc in find command * conf/NFSROOT: remove read-edid, add moreutils * fai-setup: no default value for FAI_CONFIGDIR if undefined * clarify default value for FAI_CONFIG_SRC, Closes: #685289 * dpkg uses force-unsafe-io for class DEBIAN * replace $(cat ) with $(< ) * fai-chboot: replace root=/dev/nfs and nfsroot= with root= * package_config/DEBIAN: fix kernel package names * make Perl scripts use strict clean, Closes: #447204 * Sizes.pm: respect alignment for logical partion sizes Closes: #702019 Thanks to Jan-Marek Glogowski for the patch * Use task finish for softupdate cleanup, patch from Jan-Marek * ainsl: fix appending to file w/o trailing newline. Patch from Jan-Marek * fai: use die() for errors. Patch from Jan-Marek * fix code for using logtail, Closes: #735484, thanks to Manuel Hachtkemper for the patch * Exec.pm: add parameter to &execute_command_internal, do not print ro commands unless in debug mode * FAIBASE/10-misc: fix code for adding entries to /etc/hosts * subroutines: print error code when stopping installation * load_keymap_consolechars: use setfont instead of consolechars * savelog.LAST.source: add pattern * VERSION: use dpkg-parsechangelog * DEBIAN/40-misc: new code for setting UTC * improve man pages * rules: add build-arch and build-indep rules * add debian/watch file * control: update to policy 3.9.5, minor changes in rules * debian/compat: update to 9 [ Mika Prokop] * fai-guide: fix typos, update file names and repository data * VERSION: fix syntax error * Makefile: adjust list of scripts * conf/NFSROOT: grub -> grub-pc * task_sysinfo: test if it's a block device * fai-cd: drop dead code -- Thomas Lange Tue, 04 Feb 2014 22:34:41 +0100 fai (4.0.6) unstable; urgency=low * do not reboot if error.log is empty Closes: #699279, #690016 * fai-debconf: fix regex Closes: #699555 -- Thomas Lange Fri, 01 Feb 2013 21:25:08 +0100 fai (4.0.5) unstable; urgency=low * fai-make-nfsroot: make initrd readable for tftp daemon Closes: #693871 * subroutines: make sure files copied to /etc belong to root * fcopy: respect -m values if specified Closes: #695134 * examples: add -M to some fcopy calls, so files are owned by root -- Thomas Lange Thu, 27 Dec 2012 20:56:33 +0100 fai (4.0.4) unstable; urgency=low * device2grub: fix pattern Closes: #689311 * Parser.pm: Fix for perl warning Closes: #686388 * fai-make-nfsroot: install nfs-common early Closes: #682013 check if hook is a file before sourcing it Closes: #686758 * NFSROOT: replace transitional package name Closes: #688902 * savelog.LAST.source: add pattern to ignore list * fai-chboot.8: update of -u option * mk-basefile: add support for wheezy * disk_config examples: use option sw for swap partitions * NFSROOT: add package live-boot-doc, so we have the documentation inside the nfsroot -- Thomas Lange Thu, 15 Nov 2012 14:59:55 +0100 fai (4.0.3) unstable; urgency=medium * replace fai-quickstart.prerm by postrm, remove interactive prompting Closes: #672371 * fai-setup: add -l, which is needed for fai-make-nfsroot * use http.debian.net instead of cdn.debian.net * fai-make-nfsroot: use dpkg-query for listing package versions -- Thomas Lange Tue, 26 Jun 2012 16:27:00 +0200 fai (4.0.2) unstable; urgency=low * fai-cd: fix read-only bind mount Closes: #678309 * fai-make-nfsroot: print more informations about packages inside the nfsroot * add missing manual pages nfsroot.conf.5, fai.conf.5 * subroutines: extract value for SERVER from FAI_CONFIG_SRC if not already defined -- Thomas Lange Mon, 25 Jun 2012 15:37:55 +0200 fai (4.0.1) unstable; urgency=high * use dpkg-maintscript-helper for renaming of config file, this fixes a policy violation, Closes: #672850 * call numactl in task sysinfo, ls in backticks not needed -- Thomas Lange Tue, 22 May 2012 23:15:47 +0200 fai (4.0) unstable; urgency=low * The "Where's my test team?" release. [ Thomas Lange ] * rename scripts: - faimond -> fai-monitor - faimond-gui -> fai-monitor-gui - make-fai-nfsroot -> fai-make-nfsroot - disk-info -> fai-disk-info - make-fai-nfsroot.conf -> nfsroot.conf * fetch-basefile: new script for fetching basefile via ftp and http, uses variable FAI_BASEFILEURL Closes: #494386 * fai-nfsroot2image, fai-nfsroot2image.8: add new script, make a compressed squashfs from the nfsroot * fai-new-mac: cmd that prints only MAC addresses, which are not yet known * fai-deps: new script for using class dependencies Closes: #498412 * fai-monitor-gui: add option -s * ftar, ftar.8: add option -i. Ignore "no matching class" and exit with 0 * fai-kvm: add utility for starting kvm hosts for testing FAI software * remove setup_harddisks and variable USE_SETUP_STORAGE * fai-chboot, fai-chboot.8: support for MAC address (Thanks Torge Gipp for the initial patch) add option -E Closes: #614914, fix error if no kernel is available but not needed * remove kernel-img.conf: not needed any more * fai-mirror: replace apt-move by reprepro * fai-mirror: append mirror from FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP to /etc/fai/apt/sources.list Closes: #629020 * sources.list: enable fai-project.org repository by default * fai: add NFS v4 support and rpcbind * fai: unbreak disk-info with recent upstart, call udevadm instead of "start udevtrigger" Closes: #664774 * fai, fai-setup, fai.conf: use default value for FAI_LOGPROTO * fai, fai-mirror, fai-make-nfsroot, fai.conf: remove $MNTPOINT from fai.conf, set default value where needed * fai.conf: do not set LOGUSER by default, move detailed info about variables to man page fai.conf.5 * new man page nfsroot.conf.5 * ainsl.1: specify type of pattern Closes: #622776 * ainsl: add variable AINSL_TARGET * fai-make-nfsroot: remove variable $FAI_BOOT - die() subroutine now takes exit code - mdadm.conf should not contain info from the install server - use xz compression for creating the base.tar file if available - remove old nfsroot with background process - use ramdisk for speeding up package installation - remove recover function and option -r - remove option -U - add options -a, -g, -l - do not copy fai files into the nfsroot - code restructuring for getting generic nfsroot easier - use pxelinux.0 from inside the nfsroot - copy pxelinux.0 to TFTPROOT only if it's not already existing - kernel-img.conf is not needed any more - divert update-grub, do not executed it Closes: #602402 - add apt keys from /etc/fai/apt/keys/*.asc into nfsroot - fix order of tasks Closes: #658007 - do not download translations * subroutines: rename task prepareapt to repository, add warnings for hooks using the old name, new code for prepareapt(). First, try to copy important files (hosts, resolv.conf, sources.list, preferences) from the config space, if not found use version from the nfsroot, also try whole directory tree /etc/apt from config space, improve matching of cmdline (Closes: #607285, #632350), new options -a -o for ifclass() check multiple classes (logical AND, OR), use ftar for extracting base file, use bash regex matching instead of associative array, move code for loading apt keys into task_repository, make $disklist space separated, use logtail for kern.log and dmesg.log, add task tests to action dirinstall and softupdate Closes: #658006, make umount more silent, use mountpoint command before umounting a directory * add flag halt, halt machine instead of reboot it, Thanks to Martin Strbačka for the patch * task_mirror is now a subroutine and part of task_repository * softupdates now calls task repository * get-boot-info: do only list NICs which also have a link (means cable connected), copy live.log to LOGDIR, make list of netdevices blank separated (instead of newline), fix wrong variable name Closes: #612805 drop BOOTP support * fai-start-stop-daemon: remove it, policy-rc.d is sufficient * ftar: die() subroutine now takes exit code, delete files only if a class matches, check cd execution before removing directory * fcopy: remove -P from fcopy Closes: #356379, #360056, add -H to copy symlinks, ignore .git dirs * updatebase, subroutines: move code for loading apt keys to updatebase * mkdebmirror: use cdn.debian.net, exclude dbg packages, make wheezy and amd64 the default * mkramdisk: mount with noatime * install_packages: add cupt support, if -l is given, do not write install_packages.list * fai-cd: call genisoimage with -R instead of -r, do bind mounts ro * fai-cd: remove grub1 support, use aufs when building iso image * updatebase: load apt keys by class names, print a warning if some *.asc file are not used * faireboot: for umount, make umount more silent * simple example: - move all Debian specific parts into class DEBIAN (Thanks Michael Goetze for the patch - add CENTOS and Scientific Linux Cern example, both for 5 and 6 - do not use fcopy for /etc/modules - install grub into all raid devices - new code for trap ERR, it now saves the maximum value of all errors - use pcimodules command to load kernel driver - remove option -s -k from modprobe, they do not exist - replace console-common by console-setup and kbd - use ext4 in Debian examples - DEBIAN: use same linux-image package names as in NFSROOT, add initramfs-tools, remove non-existing debconf data - use keyboard-configuration debconf data for setting keyboard layout - new class XFCE - grub.cfg: grub2 (for fai-cd) now asks for user and password - grub.cfg,menu.lst: do not use ip= parameter, dhcp is now the default - prepareapt.CENTOS: add a hint how to disable the fastestmirror plugin - FAIBASE/10-misc: add -c to chmod, chown - mk-basefile: replace Makefile with shell script - fai-project.asc: add gpg key from fai-project.org repository - LAST/50-misc: hwclock should not be called with ROOTCMD - remove lilo support - remove unused class GRUB - 99-discover-bug: remove unused script - 30-demo: replace script with shell code in 10-misc - 40-misc: replace cfengine script with shell script - savelog.LAST: add ignore pattern - FAISERVER: use subnet, replace apt-proxy by approx, lots of updates for wheezy - 10-conffiles, 50-host-classes: add support for hosts named client01,.. - XORG: replace non-existing debconf options Closes: #578094 - remove $target from ainsl calls, since AINSL_TARGET is now used - scripts/DEBIAN/10-keymap: removed, not needed any more, now using debconf data Closes: #634902 - 20-hwdetect.source: cleanup for wheezy * task_sysinfo: - print less low level information, more pretty print output - start software raid - print disk devices and their mapping to device names - print info about audio device * NFSROOT: remove unneeded aufs packages, remove unused classes, add firmware packages to the nfsroot, use rpcbind instead of portmap, use dracut as default * fai-chboot: check if any hosts are specified * fai-do-scripts: add python support Closes: #635880 also match first char in uppercase Closes: #671899 (Thanks to Andrew Ruthven for the patch) * setup-storage: the disklist can now also be space separated * setup-storage.8: remove migration from old tool section * fai-do-scripts.1: more precise description of matching file names * get-config-dir-*,subroutines: raise error values from 70x to 88x. * get-config-dir-git: more reliable checkouts, support for more protocols * all_hosts,prtnetgr,rshall: remove obsolete utils which are not closely connected to fai. Closes: #618521 * remove unused fai_modules_off * fai-guide.txt: adjust to new task name, improve explanation of flag reboot * FAQ: remove very old FAQ * THANKS: add Torge, Michael Goetze, Jan, Edgar * control: - change Uploaders: remove Holger, add Mika - Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3, no changes needed - remove Replaces and Conflicts to fai and fai-kernels - remove build dependencies that were only needed for lenny - remove depends on live-boot for fai-nfsroot * fai-server.preinst: rename make-fai-nfsroot.conf on upgrade * copyright, control, README.build-sources: move to git repository [ Michael Goetze ] * simple examples: - Initial checkin of CentOS support for simple examples - Add some CentOS-related ignore patterns to savelog.LAST.source - Deduplicate scripts/{DEBIAN,FAIBASE}/40-misc in simple-examples - Copy fai.conf, so that fai softupdate runs without error on a fresh installation with simple-examples - Install redhat-lsb on CentOS, thanks to Stephan Adig for the idea - Move some things from FAIBASE/10-misc to DEBIAN/40-misc * NFSROOT: Remove cfengine2 from default NFSROOT * get-config-dir-git: Add support for git+ssh config dir * get-config-dir-{svn,git}: check whether source is correct before update * get-boot-info: Assume localdomain if no domain name received by DHCP [ Michael Prokop ] * fai-quickstart.postinst: warn if FAI_CONFIGDIR is not set * make-fai-nfsroot: Make sure we exit with actual return code of subshell, divert /sbin/initctl if the executable is present, do not overwrite existing nfsroot by default, use option -f to force overwriting, provide proper return code in fdivert() * fai: send error message to stderr * fai-do-scripts: support ruby and zsh scripts * subroutines: add variable checks so ifclass works under set -u * etc/sources.list: remove deprecated examples/etc/sources.list config file * conf/NFSROOT: add xz-utils, firmware-bnx2, provide commented package selection examples for Ubuntu * DEMO: drop rusers + rusersd packages * FAIBASE: drop jove, nscd, tcsh packages, replace exim4 with nullmailer * NFSROOT, DEBIAN: use linux-image-686 for I386 * NFSROOT: drop jove, discover, liblinux-lvm-perl, libapt-pkg-perl, git * Makefile: Add syntax checks (perl/bashism/bash), make perlcheck work without perl-tk and liblinux-lvm-perl, Closes: #610509 * control: drop cfengine2 from recommends of fai-client, use syslinux as alternative for syslinux-common in depends * developer-policy.txt: Add initial developer policy instructions (WIP) [ Michael Tautschnig ] * setup-storage: - Add support for using raw disk devices, without partitioning. Thanks Jordi Funollet. Closes: #589649 - Generate conditional definitions for disk_var.sh such that variables will only be set if not previously defined by users - Partition pseudo-type luks:"" for LUKS device with user-defined passphrase. Thanks Patrick Schoenfeld for suggesting this and testing - If $disklist or $LOGDIR are not provided, find sane default values - Added "all" as valid value for preserve*, resize, always_format. Thanks Toomas Tamm for suggesting this - Man page: additional RAID example. Added Holger's example for SW RAID+LVM. Thanks Holger Levsen. Closes: #645167 - Distinct treatment of MiB vs. MB and friends - preserve_* now supported for each partition in place. Thanks Edgar Fuß - Better error message for invalid string X in disklabel:X - Start first partition at 1M - Support for /dev/loop*, parse floating point output of parted - Added new option -s to perform syntax check only. Closes: #627913 - Stop RAID arrays before re-assembling. Thanks David Dreezer - Properly handle alignment and preserving first partition - Fix 100%-on-gpt configuration issue. Closes: #619136 - Use wipefs to purge (RAID) signatures - Retain partition flags of preserved partitions - Added options -D , -L - Test mdadm-startall for existence before running it - Try to write disklabel in -X mode, regardless of exact error message - Initialize boot_mnt_point - Add gpt-bios partition with size 1MB initially - Set bootable flag on gpt-bios disk * subroutines: Using shopt -s extglob won't work because bash fails with syntax error before * get-config-dir-hg: Added pattern for hg+https. Closes: #631495 * GNOME: Remove packages gnome-apt, ice*-gnome-support that don't exist in squeeze (thanks Karl Wallner for reporting) * examples/more-tests: Tests moved to test-suite * fai-vol_id: merged Jan's/Limux changes * fai.conf.5: Added man page for fai.conf * fcopy.8: describe behaviour if preinst has nonzero exit code * dev-utils: New directory for scripts which are helpful for development * control: Remove recommends of fai-setup-storage. Closes: #644516 [ Waldemar Brodkorb ] * fai-setup: Give $LOGUSER a real shell for calling fai-chboot on the install server [ Jan-Marek Glogowski ] * subroutines: forward task() arguments to task and hooks * write messages to fai-monitor.log * always install new maintainer config by using --force-confnew * fai-deps: fix debianization and compile check * fai-debconf: cleanup verbose and debug output. * subroutines: don't exit from faiend task, use return * subroutines: always run faiend task before any end of FAI * fai-make-nfsroot: run gzip compression in the background. -- Thomas Lange Fri, 11 May 2012 16:05:20 +0200 fai (3.4.8) unstable; urgency=low [ Michael Goetze ] * [eeae848] package_config/FAISERVER: remove mkisofs * [af1d1de] simple-examples: in squeeze, the GRUB 1 package is called "grub-legacy". * [f895526] Document http method for $FAI_CONFIG_SRC in fai-guide * [f3574fb] Use $ROOTCMD grub-install for grub1 * [248edd7] menu.lst/postinst: Use grub device name for $ROOTCMD grub- install * [b264ac0] Make device2grub use grub-mkdevicemap rather than stuff in target [ Michael Prokop ] * [cffdba6] debian/changelog: update git commit IDs - thanks to Michael Tautschnig for helping * [81085f7] bin/fai-do-scripts: also ignore files with suffix .dpkg- dist and .dpkg-tmp * [8893351] FAIBASE/30-interface: bugfix so fai softupdate runs without error on a fresh installation with simple-examples - backported patch by Michael Goetze * [07b42af] fai-guide: adjusting quoting of variables like FAI_CONFIG_SRC for proper output * [8e201f9] Move get-config-dir-http to according space for stable- branch. * [a9c1065] Remove 99-discover-bug script, deprecated since lenny. * [e21417e] Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2. [ Michael Tautschnig ] * [b261425] setup-storage/Sizes.pm: Properly handle extended partitions that aren't the last primary partition. * [d939b6d] setup-storage/Sizes.pm: gpt-bios must be sector-wise first partition. * [cf1d068] setup-storage, setup-storage/Parser.pm: sanity checks. * [e014096] setup-storage.8: Clarify that partition/volume sizes are integers. * [a801de8] setup-storage/{Parser,Volumes,Init}.pm: Improved error reporting. (Closes: #617720, #611728) - thanks to Toomas Tamm * [7715da4] setup-storage, setup-storage/{Volumes,Commands,Exec, Init,Parser}.pm: Software RAID bugfixes * [282e36a] setup-storage/{Parser,Commands}.pm: Make on-disk LV order consistent with disk_config * [01002aa] setup-storage: Revert incomplete $FAI::DATADIR use to $ENV{LOGDIR} * [01865ee] make-fai-nfsroot: Remove Ubuntu-specific lib/udev/rules.d/85-lvm2.rules to avoid LVM auto-start * [bbfb13b] setup-storage/Sizes.pm: Make 100% a valid partition size. (Closes: #619136) * [6e47075] setup-storage/Parser.pm: Support k and K for kilobytes * [bdfc127] setup-storage: Added align-at option for user-defined alignment - thanks to Mathieu Alorent * [37b2520] setup-storage/Parser.pm: Fixed mis-merge of align-at parsing and made it more robust. * [d9f96fe] setup-storage/Sizes.pm: Apply alignment constraints to start of first partition. * [1a904b3] setup-storage/Parser.pm: Finally fix align-at parser bug. * [cee3610] setup-storage.8: Document alignment strategy of setup-storage. * [91ab2d0] get-config-dir-svn: really fix broken SVN URL comparison * [2b7475d] get-config-dir-svn: Fix broken-pipe error in SVN URL check [ Thomas Lange ] * [d7099c5] add initramfs-tools, workaround for fai-mirror problem * [012e755] diverting nis not needed any more, tested with lenny and squeeze (Closes: #612481) * [225c726] use new command names for cdrecord and mkisofs (Closes: #609568) * [a8b5849] get-config-dir-http: new script to get a tarball of the config space - thanks to Waldemar Brodkorb for the initial patch * [bf6b52d] fix comment in get-config-dir-http * [b196fb4] get-config-dir-http: minor change in messages * [4a8422a] fix wrong file name for memtest boot option (Closes: #620798) * [bfa7406] year++ * [84a367d] use same linux-image package names as in NFSROOT * [aba26b4] replace transitional package name for dhcp-client * [64edc5e] call genisoimage with -R instead of -r, thanks to Syd Alsobrook for report and suggestion -- Thomas Lange Tue, 10 Apr 2012 11:09:49 +0200 fai (3.4.7) unstable; urgency=low [ Michael Tautschnig ] * [b543a56] setup-storage/Commands.pm: Rebuild partition table only once, unless necessary (Closes: #607901) - thanks to Toomas Tamm -- Michael Prokop Fri, 24 Dec 2010 09:47:43 +0100 fai (3.4.6) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * [24acdb3] print message to stderr (closes: #605947) [ Michael Tautschnig ] * [7c92c91] setup-storage/{Fstab.pm,Parser.pm}: Cleanup code for defining BOOT_DEVICE; setup-storage.8: Properly document semantics of BOOT_DEVICE and disk_var.sh - thanks to Julien Blache * [0045428] simple/scripts/GRUB_PC/10-setup: No need to deal with multiple devices anymore, BOOT_DEVICE will always a be single value - thanks to alekibango, David Dreezer * [861be51] setup-storage/Commands.pm: Use proper dependencies when entire disks are used as part of a RAID or LVM volume - thanks to Peter Kruse * [988955e] setup-storage/Commands.pm: Always run vgchange -a -n, even if no prior LVM was detected; run pvcreate with -ff -y. (closes: #606485) - thanks to Mathieu Alorent * [b862db4] setup-storage/Commands.pm: Fix dependencies between disk and LVM commands. (closes: #606113) - thanks to Mathieu Alorent , Nicolas Courtel [ Michael Prokop ] * [28e3295] task_mountdisks(): catch every exit code != 0 from mount2dir. -- Michael Prokop Thu, 23 Dec 2010 12:04:36 +0100 fai (3.4.5) unstable; urgency=low [ Michael Prokop ] * [668fed1] conf/NFSROOT: provide commented (and not activated) linux- image line for lenny - thanks to Thomas Lange * [2e62080] conf/sources.list: replace lenny with squeeze - thanks to Thomas Lange * [103dd24] fai-nfsroot.postrm: use rm with -f to not fail if /etc/init.d/rcS does not exist - thanks to Holger for the report * [7a37069] simple examples: move from apt-proxy to approx - thanks to Thomas Lange (closes: #602763) * [e9a454c] NFSROOT: move commented lenny package examples to according place - thanks to Thomas Lange * [7508a37] Adjust depends/recommends regarding tftp server (closes: #603565) [ Thomas Lange ] * [49de488] use hostname= from the kernel command line (closes: #601750) * [e4d7f15] only use interfaces that are up (closes: #600591) * [2a2bb42] print message to stdout (closes: #600715) * [aafc055] fai-cd.8: add missing verb * [fefd23c] FAI questionnaire: ask for logo * [323b7e5] create directories, set additional parameters (closes: #602498) * [ebbf8a3] FAI questionnaire: exclude basefiles in du(1) command * [de9bda1] write MBR when using grub2 (closes: #597479) * [ee86880] remove some packages to make fai-cd smaller * [958a5b7] remove part of how to enable PXE on 3com. This info was move into the wiki * [91e38af] add hint about ADDCLASSES * [c8ff710] add newline, makes shell.log much more readable * [29cbfbb] do not include /boot on CD * [512cd03] do not install grub always into (hd0) (closes: #604938) [ Julien BLACHE ] * [9290a05] Unbreak tmpfs support [ Michael Tautschnig ] * [a5d1c56] setup-storage/Volumes.pm: Included parted output line if parsing parted output fails. * [313d96e] install grub into all raid devices. (closes: #604938) -- Michael Prokop Tue, 30 Nov 2010 12:10:42 +0100 fai (3.4.4) unstable; urgency=low [ Michael Prokop ] * [2fb9524] doc/lenny-instructions.txt: provide instructions how to install Debian/lenny with 3.4.x releases - thanks to Thomas Lange * [152d969] debian/NEWS: provide information regarding lenny release, /bin/dash issue and new FAI URL http://fai-project.org/ * [ed8b4a3] README: replace lenny with squeeze * [eecc4b0] fai: re-add support for hostname=... bootoption when using live-config - thanks to Karl Wallner * [89e7772] man/fai-class.1: replace dpkg --print-installation- architecture with --print-architecture - thanks to Michael Log * [230d60b] bin/install_packages: mention import variables $aptoptions and $FAI_DEBSOURCESDIR - thanks to Michael Log * [330f50f] bin/fai-cd: fix quote handling of rsync check - thanks to Michael Log [ Thomas Lange ] * [b2ab3c1] reinclude code which is needed (closes: #599305) [ Michael Tautschnig ] * [34c6bec] fai, make-fai-nfsroot: Use df -P for guaranteed one-line- is-one-mount output - thanks to Michael Log * [61c9d36] examples/simple/disk_config/FAIBASE: Added bootable:1, which is still necessary on some systems - thanks to Maximiliano Curia for reporting * [ac6c2bb] fai-guide.txt: Improved documentation of hooks - thanks to Peter Bittner * [3fecf34] install_packages: Fix dpkg hold output - thanks to Michael Log * [2a68da5] setup-storage/Commands.pm: Quote fs argument in parted mkpart calls - thanks to Peter Kruse -- Michael Prokop Fri, 15 Oct 2010 10:49:10 +0200 fai (3.4.3) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * [ebd8be2] add Julien to THANKS file * [121c9ed] raise importance of libproc-daemon-perl to Recommends (Closes: #593089) * [9cdabfb] remove netmask from IP address (Closes: #597870) * [7126012] remove unused code (Closes: #596055) * Documentation related changes: - [7f44108] fix url of solaris/auto-install - [d7f7473] new domain name for the project (fai-project.org) - [a796865] fix homepage url - [d60b2bc] fix link and date in QUESTIONNAIRE - [5e6a4c4] new date in fai-guide.txt - [f9f9f89] add more detailed list of tasks [ Michael Tautschnig ] * [bcbed96] setup-storage/Fstab.pm: Don't resolve LVM devices via readlink (thanks Brian Kroth for suggesting a similar patch). (Closes: #597238) * [49b57ca] Fixed a whitespace/table alignment issue. * [8b8e248] Clarify error message in case of invalid use of swap/luks in disk_config [ Julien BLACHE ] * [fbd6955] Fix preserve for RAID * [e497545] Rework mdadm output parsing code to make it more tolerant to changes in the output format -- Michael Prokop Tue, 05 Oct 2010 02:46:32 +0200 fai (3.4.2) unstable; urgency=low [ Michael Prokop ] * [8a8be99] bin/make-fai-nfsroot: change check for /usr/share/live- initramfs to /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/live (Closes: #595365) -- Michael Prokop Wed, 15 Sep 2010 22:23:51 +0200 fai (3.4.1) unstable; urgency=low [ Michael Tautschnig ] * [00120f5] Enforce execution of mdadm --create only after all partition table manipulations. -- Michael Prokop Fri, 27 Aug 2010 13:25:52 +0200 fai (3.4.0) unstable; urgency=low The "FAI in New York at DebConf10" Release. [ Thomas Lange ] * [6f72609] make-fai-nfsroot: fix typo * [ce726cb] year++ * [76856e8] add comment to lib/subroutines regarding /dev mount * [956debf] mkramdisk: use exit in main routine (closes: #583289) * [957cfb1] ainsl: exit with 0 if line already exists in the file * [1417d7f] sources.list: fix security.geo.debian.org domain entries * [787341f] install_packages: fix typo in warn message * [c9fdb5a] make-fai-nfsroot, make-fai-nfsroot.8: add option -B, (closes: #576092) (thanks to Mika Prokop for the patch) * [cc29e3b] disk-info: rename subroutine * [dc8741e] remove leading space in debian/control long description * [7724e68] remove unneeded else for extracting base.tgz * [7be96df] dhcp-edit: new command that adds or removes entries to/from dhcpd.conf * [2ec95e3] control: change dependencies on fai-setup-storage * [0791602] fai-chboot,fai-chboot.8: add option -P * [153a0ea] setup-storage.8: add info about flag_initial * [e5e380a] doc/error-levels: describe error levels of task_error subroutine * [94e93e2] make-fai-nfsroot: remove etc/hostname and 70-persistent- net.rules from nfsroot and base.tgz (thanks to Manuel Hachtkemper for the patch) * [1c7bf0d] subroutines: do not dump bash array variables * [6ffe3e7] add different implementation for dumping variables, thanks to Andreas Schuldei * [1187714] add $modified, add more messages, fix code for adding a host * [2bcb8eb] make-fai-nfsroot: fix typo, remove redundant rm command * [ed67680] put ROOTPW into quotes, so empty password will work (thanks to Adrien Cunin for the patch) * [25f6405] 10-misc, subroutines: move adding /etc/hosts entry from task_prepareapt * [16f24fb] fai-do-scripts: add cfengine 3 support * [e9f2281] savelog.LAST: ignore ACPI Warning * [051b8a6] task_sysinfo: remove call of sysinfo (non open source software), check if blkid exists before calling it * [7a8e07b] ftar, ftar.8: add xz support * [48ebbdf] fcopy, fai-cd, fai-do-scripts, ftar, fai-debconf, dhcp- edit, fai-class, install_packages, ainsl, fai-mirror, fai-chboot: remove version information, remove e-mail address for bugs * [6fab01f] fai-cd: add grub2 support (thanks to Sebastian Hetze for the patch) * [6f24e94] fai-cd: remove grub test which is already done before * [d3e221d] fai-cd.8: add option -G * [3020eb6] fcopy: do not copy file if preinst script fails (closes: #573044) thanks to Andreas Schuldei for the patch * [c523052] - mkramdisks: add option -a, remove use of FAI_NORAMDISK, use FAI_RAMDISKS - subroutines: adjust to new option of mkramdisks * [ae8f6cf] fix typo (in changelog) * [d5b1f36] subroutines: new subroutine umount_csspace, so it can be used in user hooks (thanks to Waldemar for the patch) * [c9e801a] fai-guide.txt: add info how to generate the encrypted password * [93d49a9] control: update to new standards version * [e55d0c3] fai-cd: add checks if package download succeeded * [3c1d8af] fai-cd.8: add option -G * [027fadd] grub.cfg, Makefile: add missing grub.cfg to package * [6544256] fai-server.install: add missing grub.cfg * [500c688] fai-cd: fix, use grub.cfg for grub2 * [2716d05] fai-mirror, fai-mirror.8: add option -m * [a5c511a] disk_config: use UUID's in fstab * [e578ddd] make-fai-nfsroot: force creating of symlinks (closes: #588009) * [7887ba7] - fai-mirror: use $mirrordir if no argument given (closes: #428597) - get-config-dir-svn: use exit code of first command of pipe (closes: #557544) * [02fa76e] fai-mirror: use $mirrordir if no argument given (closes: #428597) * [decaf3f] fix line break, so normal text line does not start with a dot * [2eb1c4c] get-config-dir: change error message * [9339edd] savelog.LAST: add ignore pattern * [8d42234] savelog.LAST: add ignore pattern * [02ceb42] new setup-fai-test-environment script create two virtual machines for testing [ Michael Tautschnig ] * [1406d77] added changelog entry for install_packages typo fix * [f3eeb29] move setup-storage into a separate package (fai-setup- storage) Thanks Michael Prokop for the patch (closes: #575812) * [b1f0d92] Added sizespec non-terminal to grammer for nicer formatting as suggested by Thomas * [f65d2bf] minor hyphen-used-as-minus-sign fix * [2815836] Merged a larger number of patches from experimental into trunk: - setup-storage: Bumped version number to 1.3 - setup-storage/Volumes.pm: Only read sizes and partitioning of disks referenced in the configuration (thanks Henning Sprang). - setup-storage, setup-storage/{Parser.pm,Volumes.pm}: Added support for new preserve_lazy option that will preserve volumes that exist, but newly create them if not found. - setup-storage.8: Document new preserve_lazy option. - setup-storage/{Commands.pm,Volumes.pm}: Completed support for preserve in LVM/RAID contexts; extended checking for volume groups that remain alive, fixed bug in LV resize code, disable existing volume groups, remove non-preserved volume groups (thanks Mathieu Alorent for extensive testing). - setup-storage/{Volumes.pm,Sizes.pm}: eff_size is bytes. Always. - setup-storage/Commands.pm: Prefer resize2fs over parted to resize logical volumes. Future versions of parted will allow even more use of resize2fs. Fix use of eff_size as bytes. - setup-storage/{Parser.pm,Commands.pm}: Added support for new always_format option. - setup-storage.8: Documented new always_format option. - setup-storage/Volumes.pm: Fixed uninitialized variable warnings in parsing output of parted 2.2. - setup-storage/Volumes.pm: Use VG size for volume group size, not space in use. Thanks Mathieu Alorent for reporting this. - setup-storage/Init.pm: Properly handle /dev/cciss disk devices, even without partitions (thanks Steffen Grunewald and Mathieu Alorent ). - setup-storage/Parser.pm: Handle parse errors earlier for more informative error messages. - setup-storage/Volumes.pm: Proper error message in case an extended partition is marked as preserve - setup-storage/Exec.pm: All unexpected non-zero exit codes of subcommands lead to immediate failure of setup-storage. - setup-storage/Volumes.pm: Use absolute path names for devices in volume groups, RAID volumes. - Makefile, fai-nfsroot.dirs, fai-nfsroot.install, get-boot-info: Install dhclient-fai.conf and dhclient-fai-script into /usr/share/fai instead of /etc/dhcp3 (closes: #585063). - dhcp-edit, control: Updated to work with isc-dhcp-server or dhcp3-server, whichever is available. - fai-guide.txt: Updated to isc-dhcp-server. - setup-storage.8: Nicer formatting of size specifications in grammar as suggested by Thomas. [ Michael Prokop ] * [7cd0760] Replace lenny with squeeze in all apt related sources. * [ceb4ce3] conf/NFSROOT, doc/includes/faisetup.txt: drop deprecated aufs-modules-* package. * [fd7c68b] package_config/GNOME: drop deprecated packages iceweasel- gnome-support, icedove-gnome-support and gnome-apt. * [03208d2] simple examples: use GRUB_PC as default, add info header to GRUB and GRUB_PC scripts. * [c08b4b2] bin/make-fai-nfsroot: do not divert update-initramfs by default any longer * [33edf5e] subroutines, fai: make sure fai exits with the according return * [46903ea] subroutines: add support for task_error to task configure * [7a0ec93] subroutines: use task_error level 420 instead of 855 as discussed with Thomas * [c48d8ed] install_packages: support retrieving sources for Debian based * [33027c0] install_packages.8: fix wording of description of -N option * [f6e1cec] subroutines, fai: display date of execution (fai_rundate) on startup * [e8eef26] subroutines: /proc + /sys might be empty because they were unmounted [ Julien BLACHE ] * setup-storage/Parser.pm: add support for RAM:XX% (closes: #493237) * setup-storage.8: document RAM:XX%. * setup-storage/Commands.pm: support the TMPFS key where necessary. * setup-storage/Fstab.pm: add support for tmpfs mounts. * setup-storage/Parser.pm: add a new tmpfs stanza, a new tmpfs volume type and tmpfs_size (slightly differing from the regular size, no range support). * setup-storage.8: document the tmpfs stanza. * setup-storage/Commands.pm: support the creation of journal devices (ext3/4) and filesystems with external journal (ext3/4, xfs). * setup-storage/Parser.pm: add support for FS_journal and FS:journal=. * setup-storage.8: document external journal support. * bin/device2grub: try to find and use a stable name (by-id) for the device if the shortname has no match in device.map. Needed now that grub2 in unstable has switched to using stable names in device.map. [ Michael Goetze ] * [5741e42] Minor doc bug (wrong path) -- Michael Prokop Sat, 07 Aug 2010 20:23:42 -0400 fai (3.3.5) unstable; urgency=high [ Thomas Lange ] * install_packages: security fix, do not wite to world writeable directories (closes: #575921) * fai-chboot: do not print templates containing a number as subnet * disk-info: remove local to make it a pure shell script -- Thomas Lange Mon, 05 Apr 2010 14:35:34 +0200 fai (3.3.4) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * make-fai-nfsroot: fix matching of hook names * mkramdisk: do nothing if the variable FAI_NORAMDISK is set to 1 * subroutines: umount ramdisk in clean_exit() * list_disks removed * disk-info: do not return size of disks, return only device names, * subroutines: adjust set_disk_info to new behaviour of disk-info * savelog.LAST.source: add pattern * fai-quickstart.postinst: abort if $FAI_CONFIGDIR defined in the wrong config file, thanks to Henning Sprang for the patch (closes: #571265) [ Michael Tautschnig ] * setup-storage: Bumped version number to 1.2.1 * setup-storage/Parser.pm: Ignore 'i' in GiB, MiB, etc. and treat those units like GB, MB, etc. * setup-storage/Sizes.pm: Use MiB instead of MB internally. * setup-storage.8: Update syntax. * setup-storage/Volumes.pm: Handle new mdadm output format (thanks Brian Kroth for the patch) (closes: #568794) * setup-storage/Fstab.pm: fsck priority of swap should be 0 instead of 2 (closes: #568800) * setup-storage/Commands.pm: Work around missing ext4 support in parted (thanks Stefan Goetz for the patch) (closes: #572120) -- Thomas Lange Thu, 18 Mar 2010 13:47:04 +0100 fai (3.3.3) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * lib/mkramdisk: new script that mounts a ramdisk onto a directory and copies its contents to the ramdisk, can also umount the ramdisk and put the modified contents back to the hard disks, this script is a modified version of mkrw from FAI 3.1.8., use /dev/shm for temp file * upstart.conf: fix timing issue (thanks to Waldemar Brodkorb for the patch) * lib/updatebase, fai-debconf: exit if mktemp fails, for e.g. when TMPDIR is set to nonexisting directory (Thanks to Michael Prokop for the hint) * subroutines: make installation faster by putting /var/lib/dpkg into a ramdisk * control: add libxml2-utils to Build-dep-indep (closes: #556826), add dependency for build on lenny (closes: #556082) * install_packages: aptitude-r now uses MAXPACKAGES, thanks to Stefan Goetz for the bug report and the patch (closes: #558139) * mount2dir, subroutines: handle mount errors (closes: #557082) * make-fai-nfsroot: ignore backup files when executing hooks do not remove upstart scripts mounted-*, needed for Ubuntu lucid * install_packages: add support for zypper (install and remove packages) (closes: #514160) * fai-debconf: ignore files that cannot match a class name * fai-client.install: add mkramdisk * QUESTIONNAIRE: remove some older questions * device2grub: add support for devices named vdX (closes: #568203) [ Michael Tautschnig ] * setup-storage: Bumped version number to 1.2 * setup-storage: Encryption is now configured via a separate cryptsetup stanza, deprecated the previous :encrypt option (thanks Julien BLACHE for the patch). * setup-storage.8: Updated documentation, added cryptsetup example. * setup-storage/Parser.pm, setup-storage.8: Added new sameas disk_config option (thanks Julien BLACHE for the patch). * fai-vol_id: Use blkid by default, use vol_id -L to obtain volume label when using vol_id (thanks Klaus Ethgen). (closes: #556168) * setup-storage/Init.pm: Allow full a-z range in device names instead of a-t limitiation (thanks Mattias Jansson for proving me wrong). * disk-info, setup-storage/Init.pm: Also accept Xen's xvd[a-t] as valid disk name (thanks Rudy Gevaert for the patch). (closes: #561489) * setup-storage/Commands.pm: Add -q to createopts when making reiser file systems (thanks Mathieu Alorent and Thomas Neumann). -- Thomas Lange Wed, 03 Feb 2010 11:05:31 +0100 fai (3.3.2) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * make-fai-nfsroot: do not remove fai.conf from upstart directory (Thanks to Waldemar Brodkorb for the patch) * fai-guide.txt: minor fixes (Thanks to Waldemar for the patch) * load_keymap_consolechars: add code for usage of setupcon (thanks to Waldemar) * THANKS: add Waldemar * Parser.pm: fix code for preserving lvm partitions (thanks to Michael for the patch) -- Thomas Lange Tue, 17 Nov 2009 11:38:49 +0100 fai (3.3.1) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * add class GRUB_PC * doc/Makefile: add target chunked * Commands.pm: add ext4 support for tune2fs * Fstab: do not fsck swap partitions * fai,make-fai-nfsroot: add upstart support * upstart-fai.conf: new file for starting fai via upstart * fai-nfsroot.dirs, fai-nfsroot.install, Makefile: add upstart files * setup-storage: increase version number -- Thomas Lange Mon, 16 Nov 2009 14:21:16 +0100 fai (3.3) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * NEWS: add hint about missing packages in nfsroot, changes in dirinstall * control: update to standards version 3.8.3, no changes needed * sources.list,make-fai-nfsroot.conf: use Debian geo mirrors * README: use description from control file * subroutines-linux: fix log message remove yes pipe when calling debootstrap (closes: #539980) if NEXTTEST is used, define a class for next reboot. Thanks to Sebastian Hetze for this patch. task_updatebase now writes to software.log print warning when setup_harddisks is used include subroutines-linux into subroutines (closes: #494377) * subroutines: do not unset the functions task_$taskname after use fill task_tests with code, execute tests before task chboot create /var/run/sshd (needed for ubuntu 9.10) additional call to clean_exit in task_dirinstall include subroutines-linux into subroutines (closes: #494377) if two softupdates are running, print the name of the lock file set trap for softupdate after checking if second instance is running check if test.log exists before using grep add APT keys from package_config/*.asc files (closes: #363701,#504018) add keys after copying /etc/apt to /target, do not copy 10fai send correct message for faimond-gui before rebooting * fai-class: add string warning to message * task_sysinfo: call blkid on all disks * fcopy: add die() after open command * fcopy.8: improve info for calling postinst * fai-guide.sgml: add hint how to define classes on the kernel command line (closes: #497548), remove outdated information about /files/packages, add section about tests * ainsl: create missing path elements if -a is used (closes: #447199) * make-fai-nfsroot: mount sysfs inside nfsroot (closes: #532985) dereference symlinks when copying file into nfsroot replace --print-installation-architecture by --print-architecture remove 70-persistent-net.rules from nfsroot * control: Depends: iproute for fai-client, fai-server new build-depends-indep for asciidoc tools, w3m, remove bootp add Format field * rules: remove DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE * fai-setup, make-fai-nfsroot, subroutine-linux, get-boot-info, task_sysinfo, S99fai-setup/FAISERVER: Replaced all calls to ifconfig by proper ip + shell magic calls (closes: #524347). Thanks to Luk Claes for the patch * include subnet mask in variable for NFS exports * fai-savelog: cd to the right place if LOGREMOTEDIR is set, thanks to Robin Powell for the patch (closes: #515704) * fai-mirror: remove use of $addpackages (closes: #537544) add option -a (closes: #343344, #412889) * fai-mirror.8: add option -a * fai.conf, make-fai-nfsroot.conf: move FAI_CONFIGDIR to m-f-n.conf, because it's only needed on an install server add comment, rearrange variables, important variables first * fai-cd, fai: get FAI_CONFIGDIR from new config file, add option -H * fai-cd.8: add option -H * fai-server.preinst, fai-server.prerm, fai-quickstart.postinst: print warning if FAI_CONFIGDIR is still in the wrong place * fai-quickstart.prerm: source make-fai-nfsroot.conf instead of fai.conf * fai, fai.8: add option -s/--cspace to specify the config space URL (closes: #444213) * disk_config/*: add nosuid, nodev and noatime to some partitions * menu.lst/postinst: add /g to perl substitution command * fai-class: do not remove additional-classes when in debug mode, use the comma separated list of $ADDCLASSES for classes (closes: #497548) * fai-class.1: add ADDCLASS feature, add info about $LOGDIR/additional.var * package_config/FAIBASE: remove rsh-client, discover * fai-chboot: ignore ~ and .bak entries * fai-chboot, fai-chboot.8: add option -u * faimond-gui: add task tests, fix handling of reboot message * tests/Faitest.pm: new file including subroutines for tests. Thanks to Sebastian Hetze for the initial version. * tests/FAIBASE_TEST: add simple test for partition layout of FAIBASE * disk_config/FAIBASE: add file system labels * examples/more-tests: add more tests from Sebastian * savelog.LAST.source: add error patterns * LAST/50-misc: use ainsl instead of echo * 20-hwdetect.source, DEMO/10-misc,10-conffiles: apply patch from Michael, that skips some commands on softupdate (closes: #481871) * 20-hwdetect.source: remove modules not needed any more, cleanup code * install_packages: do not call AptPkg function when -N was given write list of all packages to packages.list fix code that sets action if smarti is used, minor code cleanup, download Debian source packages into $FAI_DEBSOUCRESDIR if defined * 10-base-classes: replace --print-installation-architecture by --print-architecture * make-fai-nfsroot, DEMO/10-misc,FAIBASE/10-misc: chpasswd does not support -e in newer version, replaced by usermod * policy-rc.d.fai: udev not should be started when running make-fai-nfsroot * links.html: remove broken links * doc/Makefile: new target for asciidoc documentation * doc/fai-guide.txt: fai-guide now written with asciidoc remove information about inetd.conf, since tftpd is now started as standalone daemon, remove bootpd information, several small updates add info how to remove the red logo, add info how to create a i386 nfsroot and mirror on a amd64 system (closes: #452761) remove chapter about obsolete setup_harddisks tool * fai-doc.doc-base.package: update file names * ftar: add support for .tgz suffix * get-config-dir-hg: add support for mercurial (thanks to Darshaka Pathirana for the patch) * get-config-dir-cvs, fai-do-scripts: replace basename and dirname calls with bash functions * fai-do-scripts: remove warning about scripts with prefix S save maximal exit code now works follow symlinks when determine the file type * dhcpd.conf: change path of pxelinux.0 * get-config-dir, get-config-dir-file: print more info, print warning if no method is defined * get-config-dir, fai: set FAI to local path, if FAI_CONFIG_SRC is of type file: (closes: #481137) * get-config-dir-nfs: remove -n when mounting * fai-setup: add advertisement for FAI questionnaire set default for $SERVERINTERFACE * README: upgrade info about mailing list, add info about questionnaire * fai: check if make-fai-nfsroot.conf is available if dirinstall is used dirinstall now uses $FAI_CONFIG_SRC instead of $FAI_CONFIGDIR change PATH, move /sbin to the end remove use of fifo, use bash process substitution instead * Fstab.pm: print uuid and label of partition to console * NFSROOT, make-fai-nfsroot.conf: remove dhcp3-client and dhcp-client, since it's now in the default configuration of debootstrap * NFSROOT: remove cvs, bootpc, expect, mdetect * mkdebmirror: update for lenny, use cache feature of debmirror > 2 * examples/simple/files/etc/fai/*: update to more recent config files * Makefile: remove .svn directories in fai-doc * debian/source/format: use source package format 3.0 (native) * fix class FAISERVER (closes: #517517) * set default values using bash : ${variable:=value} [ Michael Tautschnig ] * setup-storage, setup-storage/Exec.pm: auto-detect a proper way to tell udev to settle, hide udevsettle call (udevsettle is used in etch, udevadm settle for sid; thanks matrix.systems@matrix.msu.edu for a first patch). (closes: #530656) * setup-storage/Volumes.pm: Updated mdadm --scan output parser to work with current mdadm versions. * setup-storage/Volumes.pm: Ignore another line of output from parted (GPT-related warning). Thanks Andreas Schuldei for noticing this. * setup-storage, setup-storage/Sizes.pm: Properly handle -h, early check for unset (but necessary) environment variables, print full device names in several error/warning messages instead of the partition id only. * fai-vol_id: New wrapper around udev's vol_id or blkid, whichever is available (closes: #552133) * setup-storage/Fstab.pm: Be more verbose if obtaining the UUID fails (may be caused by earlier use in RAID array, tell the user how to solve the problem). Ignore exit code 3 of vol_id -l, use fai-vol_id wrapper. * setup-storage/Parser.pm: RAID device parsing: $2 doesn't refer to the original expression anymore, store earlier $2 as $opts; don't use options sub-hash (thanks Andreas Schockenhoff for lots of testing and feedback). setup-storage/Parser.pm: LVM volume groups or RAID arrays may now refer to diskX to use the entire disk (thanks Mathieu Alorent). * setup-storage/Sizes.pm: Properly deal with missing (as in RAID specs) or non-existing (user error) devices in estimate_size; don't do stupid divide by 2 in RAID1 setup. (closes: #525138) * setup-storage/Commands.pm: Proper use of hash reference when checking for "missing" option. * setup-storage/Parser.pm: Ensure that RAID volumes marked preserve don't count as extra RAID volumes being defined. * setup-storage/Parser.pm, setup-storage/Sizes.pm: Added support for raid10 (thanks William Francis for suggesting this). * setup-storage/Volumes.pm: Fixed perl syntax error, properly handle existing empty volume groups (thanks Brian Kroth and Cajus Pollmeier for debugging this). (closes: #532321) * man/setup-storage.8: Document possible problems with previous software RAID partitions and missing bootable flags. * setup-storage/Sizes.pm: Secondary GPT only requires 33 sectors. * Bumped setup-storage version number to 1.1.2. [ Holger Levsen ] * update to standards version 3.8.2, no changes needed -- Thomas Lange Tue, 03 Nov 2009 09:35:06 +0100 fai (3.2.20) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * menu.lst: remove year * fai-cd: add option -B, that creates a boot-only CD (without containing the nfsroot, the partitial mirror and the config space) * conf/menu.lst.boot-only: new config file for the boot only CD * fai-cd.8: add option -B * fai-abort: add missing lsb header * control: remove duplicate fields * copyright: fix lintian warning [ Michael Tautschnig ] * fixed several hyphen-used-as-minus-sign errors in man pages * update to standards version 3.8.1, no changes needed * replaced dh_clean -k by dh_prep * use dh_lintian to install lintian overrides * added override for fai-nfsroot (diverts foreign /etc/init.d.rcS) * Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 7) * setup-storage/Sizes.pm: Clarified error message in cases where the user specified a partition is larger than the entire disk * setup-storage/Parser.pm, setup-storage/Sizes.pm, setup-storage/Volumes.pm: Added pseudo-disklabel gpt-bios to support GPT on systems with BIOS instead of EFI. Also installs an additional partition to store whatever doesn't fit into MBR. * setup-storage: bumped version to 1.0.5 (gpt-bios support) -- Thomas Lange Mon, 04 May 2009 10:42:25 +0200 fai (3.2.19) unstable; urgency=low * subroutines-linux: get-config-dir was never run if -z $monserver, which may be the case when no DHCP was done (dirinstall, softupdates, or install using fixed IP); problem was introduced by patch in r5338. (closes: #525096) adjust indentation -- Thomas Lange Wed, 22 Apr 2009 13:39:58 +0200 fai (3.2.18) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * control: add depends on net-tools for fai-client (closes: #521027) * ainsl: add test if target file exists, improve exit codes (closes: #500244) * fai-cd: use a pipe when sending commands to grub * ftar, fcopy: add info about the other tool * new file live.conf will disable some messages during booting * make-fai-nfsroot: call apt-get update when using -k (closes: #507892), -k now also upgrades all packages inside the nfsroot, add -N to install_packages call, this is good for cross architecture building the nfsroot check if debootstrap finished properly (closes: #524369) try to umount mirror before removing old nfsroot (closes: #500208) * fai-do-scripts: skip files with certain suffixes (closes: #500579), improve test if $debug is set to 1 (closes: #496072) call cfagent scripts with -v if fai is in debug mode * lib/subroutines-linux: don't rely on ' as a field separator when parsing boot.log, use = and strip off any quotes (closes: #439250), check earlier if faimond is available, send TASKBEGIN message * lib/get-config-dir-svn: Make username in svn:// config url optional (thanks Alexander Fisher) (closes: #441436) * bin/fai-setup: Do not unconditionally add $FAI_CONFIGDIR to exports(5) (thanks Sebastian Harl) (closes: #504801) * lib/get-config-dir-svn: Added support for password in SVN URL (thanks Robin Powell) (closes: #515057) * 20-removable_media: add fd0 entry to fstab only if device is present * fai-cd, make-fai-nfsroot: awk can also do the grep * NFSROOT: install AMD64 packages with aptitude, this also helps when building an amd64 nfsroot on i386 * fai-mirror: check if -C was used, (thanks to James Richardson for the patch) (closes: #523625), fixing informal message (closes: #516385) * fai: set STOP_ON_ERROR to 700, this can be overwritten by fai.conf or in a file called class/*.var (closes: #515139), create /var/run/fai (closes: #515775) always change HOSTNAME when -u was used (closes: #456978) add -u to help message * fai-client.dirs, fai-server.dirs: remove /var/run/fai * subroutines: add trap for softupdates (closes: #449236) stop_fai_installation() sends message to faimond send TASKEND faiend message include target directory information into stamp (closes: #503653) * packages_config/FAIBASE: add lvm2 (closes: #517417) * fai-chboot: always add $append to pxe configuration (closes: #495535) * fai-chboot.8: fix description of -i * compat,rules: update to compat level 7 * fai-mirror: set Dir::Etc option instead of changing Dir::Etc::sourceslist only (thanks Sebastian Harl) (closes: #504813) * get-config-dir-git: do not clone into an existing directory (thanks Sebastian Harl) (closes: #506463) * mount2dir: add commands to create /var/lock and /var/run on the filesystem mounted at / (closes: #464541) * make-fai-nfsroot.8: adjust informationen about -U (closes: #520257) * fai,subroutines: move definition of trap clean_exit into task dirinstall [ Michael Tautschnig ] * setup-storage: Bumped version number to 1.0.4 * setup-storage/Exec.pm: Use --timeout=10 instead of --timeout 10 to stay compatible with etch (thanks Vincent Fortier) * setup-storage/Sizes.pm: Immediately fail if partitions > 2TB are to be created on msdos disk labels * setup-storage: Enable debug mode if -d was given on the command line * setup-storage/Fstab.pm, setup-storage/Commands.pm: Proper perl text replace syntax and additional random initialization of partition (thanks William Famy) (closes: #500821) * examples/simple/scripts/GRUB/20-initramfs: Update the initramfs in case lvm2 or mdadm have been installed. * example/simple/classes/50-host-classes: Added hosts bear (class LVM_XEN_SERVER) and puma (RAID_XEN_VIRTUAL) * example/simple/disk_config/{LVM_XEN_SERVER,RAID_XEN_VIRTUAL}: Added corresponding disk_config examples that have a large LVM and a software RAID configured * conf/NFSROOT, debian/control, setup-storage/Volumes.pm: Moving back to Linux::LVM perl module for parsing LVM command output as #488205 has been fixed. * setup-storage/Parser.pm, setup-storage.8: Added and documented support for glob patterns in device names (e.g., /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-*) * setup-storage/Sizes.pm: Fail early, if a non-existing device is used in a volume group. * setup-storage/Commands.pm: Properly handle existing volume groups and only extend them if the underlying devices are preserved, otherwise create them anew. * setup-storage/Volumes.pm, setup-storage/Parser.pm: Always write a new disklabel, if no partition on the disk must be preserved * setup-storage/Parser.pm, setup-storage/Commands.pm: Make sure that the user hasn't configured spares/missing devices with RAID-0 and only add --spare-devices if at least 1 is configured. Thanks Camille Barette. (closes: #508192) * setup-storage/Commands.pm: Use the proper id for telling the user about preserved/resized partitions. (closes: #521290) * setup-storage/Init.pm, disk-info: Added AOE etherd/ device names to regular expressions (thanks Jean Spirat) * setup-storage/Commands.pm: If the disk config is marked virtual, create dummy commands to tell later commands that the devices exist (closes: #508247) * setup-storage/Parser.pm: Support :encrypt with all mountpoint specifications * setup-storage/Sizes.pm: Properly tell the user that the lower bound of a parition size is already too high * setup-storage/Commands.pm: Added debug output in command dependency sorter * setup-storage/Parser.pm, setup-storage/Commands.pm: Make random initialization of encrypted partitions configurable * setup-storage.8: Document new encryption possibilities * lib/get-config-dir-*: task_error requires the exit code of the preceeding command as the second argument * lib/subroutines-linux: The exit code of a command earlier in a pipe must be read using $PIPESTATUS, not $? (closes: #444210) * bin/faimond: Try to load Proc::Daemon only in case -d is given; if it fails, print a helpful error message (closes: #513090) * bin/setup-storage, setup-storage/Volumes.pm: When propagating preserve markers also check whether the to-be-preserved volume is defined at all (closes: #521153) * setup-storage/Parser.pm, setup-storage/Commands.pm: Added support for optional (pv|vg|lv|md)createopts * man/setup-storage.8: Documented these new options * Moved parsing of createopts,tuneopts to Parser.pm for simpler code and better syntax checking (closes: #521172) * setup-storage/Sizes.pm: Change die to warn in case a preserved partition is not aligned to cylinder boundaries * setup-storage/Parser.pm: Only test for mkfs.X if such a filesystem is to be created (i.e., it will not be preserved) * fai-gude.sgml: add hint how to avoid this bug (closes: #265973) -- Thomas Lange Mon, 20 Apr 2009 12:02:57 +0200 fai (3.2.17) unstable; urgency=medium * fai 3.2.17 and 3.2.17~lenny1 are identical - the difference in version number is only due to the way packages move within Debian releases. * Added myself to uploaders. * Fix typo in fai-do-scripts which prevented perl scripts to be executed, thanks to Andrew Ruthven for reporting this. (Closes: #504662) * setup-storage/Parser.pm: Do not enforce a space after VG/LV names in resize/preserve options. Thanks to Frederic Blanc for the patch. (closes: #516849) * fai-mirror: honor $debug and $qflag environment variables, thanks to Michael Tautschnig. (Closes: #494431) * device2grub: Add /dev/i2o/hdX to the list of recognized devices. Thanks to Jürgen Kahnert for the patch. (Closes: #515101) -- Holger Levsen Wed, 25 Feb 2009 12:26:19 +0100 fai (3.2.16) unstable; urgency=high [ Thomas Lange ] * fai: fix RC bug, missing umount (closes: #511391) * README: year++ * prcopyleft: year++ [ Colin Tuckley ] * fixed spelling mistakes in faimond.8, faimond-gui.1 -- Thomas Lange Mon, 12 Jan 2009 13:12:26 +0100 fai (3.2.15) unstable; urgency=low [ Thomas Lange ] * fai-server.manpages: faimond-gui.1 was not included into the package * fix typos in mkdebmirror, NEWS, classes_description.txt, fai-mirror, fai-cd.8, fai-guide.sgml * lib/subroutines: check *.var files if they are readable * bootexample.sgml: fix typo * dhcpd.conf/FAISERVER: fix wrong path in example * links.html: fix typo (closes: #508598) * fai-guide.sgml: fix package name in documentation (closes: #504797) * get-boot-info: fix wrong test parameter (closes: #509090) * setup-storage: increase version number [ Colin Tuckley ] * fixed spelling mistakes in fai-do-scripts.1, fai-mirror.1 [ Sebastian Harl ] * fai-guide.sgml: fix several typos, mention Git, use $FAI instead of /fai (closes: #507129) [ Michael Tautschnig ] * Commands.pm: Print an informational message whenever a volume or partition is preserved or resized (closes: #508893) -- Thomas Lange Mon, 22 Dec 2008 14:51:54 +0100 fai (3.2.14) unstable; urgency=low * fai-guide.sgml: document behaviour of LOGSERVER (closes: #361524) * install_packages: fix usage of option -n (closes: #489546) * setup-storage, Commands.pm, Exec.pm: Call udevsettle before doing any of the commands to avoid all the possible pitfalls, simplyfies the code quite a bit. (closes: #503729) -- Thomas Lange Tue, 28 Oct 2008 10:32:20 +0100 fai (3.2.13) unstable; urgency=low * lib/setup-storage/Commands.pm: fixed dependency error in vgcreate commands (closes: #502462) * fcopy: fix ordering of classes (closes: #502975) -- Thomas Lange Wed, 22 Oct 2008 12:14:51 +0200 fai (3.2.12) unstable; urgency=low * setup-storage/Parser.pm, setup-storage/Sizes.pm: Warn, if a preserved partition does not match the size specified in the disk_config; fail, if an extended partition is to be created in place of a to-be-preserved partition (closes: #501772) * setup-storage/Exec.pm: recent versions of parted log errors to stdout instead of stderr + adaption of error messages to current ones (closes: #500823) * setup-storage/Volumes.pm: Handle new error message in case of missing disk label (closes: #500823) * setup-storage: extended debug output of sorted commands (closes: #500822) * setup-storage/Commands.pm: Properly sort commands, fixed dependency errors, use start_byte for new config instead of begin_byte (closes: #500822) * setup-storage: increase version number * make-fai-nfsroot: print version of debootstrap (closes: #500046) * fai-guide.sgml: minor update in example * fai-chboot.8: fix warning from man -- Thomas Lange Wed, 15 Oct 2008 11:25:39 +0200 fai (3.2.11) unstable; urgency=low * control: depend on syslinux-common instead of syslinux (closes: #494417) use same intro for description for all packages, add dependeny and recommends on openbsd-inetd | inet-superserver as workaround for #404760 * fai-chboot.8, fai-cd.8, ainsl.1, fai.8, fai-class.8: apply patches from Colin Tuckley * THANKS: add Colin * fai-chboot.8: add example for using templates, add link to pxelinux documentation * fai-cd.8: remove unused info * fai-mirror.1: add information about files used by this script * faimond.8: minor fixes * install_packages.8: minor fixes * make-fai-nfsroot.8: minor fixes * fai-debconf.1: minor fixes * setup-storage.8: replace mdoc macro version with man macro version, reformat examples using tab stops, make groff happy * fai-guide.sgml: remove info about make-fai-bootfloppy, add info about kernel parameters * faisetup.sgml: update messages * bootexample.sgml: update example messages * mkdebmirror: remove obsolete code for fetching boot floppy images -- Thomas Lange Wed, 01 Oct 2008 14:20:45 +0200 fai (3.2.10) unstable; urgency=low * add texlive-latex-recommended and texlive-fonts-recommended to build-depends-indep which fixes FTBFS (closes: #497683), add cfengine2 as recommends to fai-client (closes: #442843), remove mknbi from fai-docs recommends * Init.pm: really add important bugfix (494784) that was only fixed in svn but not in 3.2.9 upload (closes: #494784), fix typo in variable name * Volume.pm: ignore output line of parted containing "Model:" (closes: #497066) * disk-info: fix bashism (closes: #498023), add pattern for KVM devices like /dev/vd[abcd]X (closes: #494426) * Makefile,VERSION: remove variable KERNELVERSION, because it's unused since 3.2 (closes: #494699) * fai-cd: do not redirect stderr to /dev/null when calling find_fai_data, otherwise we do not get any errors when the grub call fails * subroutines: use proper path to RUNNING_FROM_FAICD to make eject work (closes: #439101), do not access /proc/uptime if /proc is not mounted (closes: #496234), check if list of cdrom devices is empty (closes: #498052) * fai-client.postrm: use rm -rf, we do so in other maintainer scripts as well and /var/run/fai is probably the least critical place (closes: #494423) * remove old, unsupported and broken script make-fai-bootfloppy and its man page (it only works with fai-kernels which were removed from lenny) (closes: #452375, #400373, #305363) * remove old and unused util/tlink and the information about it from the documentation * fai-guide.sgml: major review, remove boot floppy info, remove BOOTP info, update location of RUNNING_FROM_FAICD * fai-guide.sgml: minor documentation fix (closes: #473106), do not propose make-fai-nfsroot -r (closes: #481111), do reference NEWS.Debian (closes: #452760) * ftar.8: minor fix (closes: #481528), update example used * fcopy.8: minor fix (closes: #419787) * fai-statoverride.8: add man page for fai-statoverride.8 (closes: #358967) * setup-storage.8: document usage of USE_SETUP_STORAGE; some typo fixes * fai-cd.8: add usage example, add warning that all data on USB stick may be destroyed * setup-storage.8: Properly escape \ in literal environments (thanks lintian) * changes to the example classes: - use new partition tool in simple examples - remove class SETUPSTORAGE - package_config/*: remove non-existing packages, change some package - names - package_config/GNOME: make gnome example smaller - 10-misc: remove tune2fs call, now done by new partition tool - use lenny in FAISERVER class - remove empty directory /etc/X11 to make lintian happy - 20-copy-mirror: set correct symlink, add comment * update to standards version 3.8.0, no changes needed * update the package description (closes: #496113) * rules: Don't ignore errors from make clean * Many thanks to Sebastian Harl, Holger Levsen, Michael Prokop and Michael Tautschnig for all the discussions and for the help to create this release -- Thomas Lange Tue, 09 Sep 2008 15:08:20 +0200 fai (3.2.9) unstable; urgency=low * apply patch that fixes the RC-bug license issue (closes: #487866) * debian/copyright: add people and reformat text * ftar: exit with warning if unsupported suffix .tgz is found * ainsl: add options -Q and -q (closes: #484722) * fai-setup: fix syntax error (closes: #488404) * setup-storage.8: add migration section, add info for createopts, move comments in example to bottom, fixed and improved documentation for preserve_{always,reinstall} syntax * Sizes.pm: never scale logical volume sizes beyond the specified maximum (closes: #494519) * Init.pm: fix bug in return values of phys_dev() (closes: #494784) * conf/NFSROOT, control: drop use of liblinux-lvm-perl (closes: #494357), replace unionfs with aufs (closes: #487080), ext2resize is now obsolete, replace it with e2fsprogs, replace obsolete sysutils with procinfo, add packages for powerpc arch (closes: #494440) * control: use official control-fields Vcs-Browser and Vcs-Svn instead of old XS-* friends (closes: #451013), remove Homepage from Description field, use Homepage field instead * Volumes.pm: reverted the code to handle existing LVMs to an earlier version that does not use Linux::LVM, because this is severly broken (closes: #494357) * setup-storage: increase version number to 1.0.1 because of LVM change * Commands.pm: bugfix in RAID volume handling in case of devices marked missing: mdadm command requires device names to be replaced by "missing" (closes: #494520) * package_config/FAIBASE: replace obsolete sysutils with procinfo * subroutines-linux: replace klogd and syslogd with rsyslog (closes: #494387) * conf/sources.list: replace etch with lenny, make koeln repository optional (closes: #474326) * make-fai-nfsroot.conf: replace etch with lenny, mount /dev/pts to avoid warnings "Can not write log, openpty() failed", * make-fai-nfsroot: umount /proc and /dev/pts inside nfsroot on exit (closes: #494518, #494523), move trap definitions outside of { } block (closes: #494518, #494523), use arch independent name for linux kernel (closes: #494440) * updatebase: mount /dev/pts into /target to avoid openpty() warning * fai-do-scripts: use -b in call of file command, this makes the pattern matching more robust, make file adjust regex to new output of file command (closes: #490111) * savelog.LAST.source: add error pattern * fai-cd: add option "--iso-level 4" to mkisofs call (closes: #494443) * rules: do not copy file for linda * fai-quickstart.dirs: linda directory not needed any more * fai-quickstart.lintian: fix pattern -- Thomas Lange Tue, 12 Aug 2008 11:49:51 +0200 fai (3.2.8) unstable; urgency=low * Merge setup-storage, the new partitioning tool (closes: #380629, #330915, #277045, #356862, #416633, #484788) * add variable $USE_SETUP_STORAGE * setup-storage: move loading of kernel modules into 20hwdetect.source, print which disk_config setup-storage is using * Commands.pm: print also mountpoint when debugging tuneopts and createopts, fix and document problem when only tuneopts are defined, prevent warnings about uninitialized variables * 20-hwdetect.source: load modules needed for setup-storage * add class SETUPSTORAGE for easy testing -- Thomas Lange Sun, 15 Jun 2008 12:47:16 +0200 fai (3.2.7) unstable; urgency=low * update some messages to 2008 * fai-cd: check if list of Packages files is non-empty, change syntax of ${...:=...}, use rsync for coping to USB stick if available * fai-cd.8: add info for MAXPACKAGES * fai-guide.sgml: fix order of tasks * fai-setup: check if file exists * make-fai-nfsroot: exclude files in var/lib/apt/lists from base.tgz check if NFSROOT directory is mounted with bad options * get-boot-info: parse live.log for detecting boot method * disk-info: use group info for detecting disks, extend pattern for detecting scsi disks * subroutines: fix regex so softupdate will; now umount the config space * add internal variable printk, for setting the console log level -- Thomas Lange Sat, 31 May 2008 16:47:25 +0200 fai (3.2.6) unstable; urgency=medium * fai: remove local, fix regex (closes: #480685) * fai-cd: fix syntax error (closes: #480830) -- Thomas Lange Thu, 15 May 2008 17:10:37 +0200 fai (3.2.5) unstable; urgency=low * GRUB/10-setup: use absolute path * fai: mount /proc if not already mounted (closes: #453017, #444156), check if target directory for dirinstall is mounted with nosuid,nodev * fai-mirror: set MAXPACKAGES=1 if undefined before * make-fai-nfsroot: exit with error if software installation has errors (closes: #442261) * fai-guide.sgml: add info how to specify a certain release or version of a package * fai-cd: add prefix $cfdir to -g parameter if no path was specified, fix setting of cfdir (closes: #475250) * fai-cd.8: extend info for -g * subroutines: remove local from variable (closes: #449236) * install_packages: fix in detecting Debian specific actions * fai-chboot: add check if kernelsuffix is defined * fai-abort: add LSB formatted dependency info (closes: #469716) * XF86Config-4/DEMO: remove obsolete example (closes: #474327) * disk-info: add regex for Adaptec i2o controller (closes: #466670) * ainsl: substitue \s+ afterwards (closes: #470799) -- Thomas Lange Mon, 5 May 2008 18:27:02 +0200 fai (3.2.4) unstable; urgency=high * fai-cd.8: add missing -C option * make-fai-nfsroot: remove code for creating BOOTP environment * faimond-gui: show different icons depending on error code * fai-setup: fix syntax error (closes: #453442) * subroutines-linux: do not print hostname and kernel compile time * fai: update date, remove mkdir * savelog.LAST.source: remove duplicate messages which appear in fai.log and software.log -- Thomas Lange Thu, 29 Nov 2007 19:17:56 +0100 fai (3.2.3) unstable; urgency=medium * fix wrong logic in updatebase (closes: #452516) -- Thomas Lange Sat, 24 Nov 2007 16:08:36 +0100 fai (3.2.2) unstable; urgency=low * conf/NFSROOT: reomve duplicate package, use aptitude for installing, add nfs-common (closes: #444079), remove live-initramfs from NFSROOT * doc/fai-guide.sgml: add information for softupdate (closes: #439016) * savelog.LAST.source: add ignore pattern, remove dot after filename * make-fai-nfsroot: check if $TFTPROOT is defined, add badupdateto32(), which prints more info about update without checking variable names, remove whole /srv/fai/nfsroot, add check_nfsroot(), make stamp only on success (closes: #370780), write output also into /var/log/fai, return and print exit code from install_packages, create or copy live.conf, try to umount /proc inside the nfsroot before removing an old nfsroot, abort if this fails * subroutines: add task_error(), which stores the maximum error code in $task_error, do nothing if error=0, print traceback, add stop_fai_installation(), write pid to stamp file, print PID in case of error, add task_test stub, save function name that causes fatal error, set $fai_rundate only if not yet defined * subroutines-linux: add check if $monserver is defined, print kernel version currently running, catch exit code from install_packages * mount2dir: add support for UUID and LABEL * fai: export $romountopt, get error codes from all commands in a pipe, add $STOP_ON_ERROR, fix variable name (closes: #447080), do not use /var/log/fai/current (closes: #445276), cleanup definition of $LOGDIR, change permissions of LOGDIR (closes: #445276), add symlinks for last and last-$action in the very beginning * control: fai-nfsroot and fai-client conflicts to fai-kernels, add recommends to debconf-utils (closes: #445109), improve package description (closes: #419071), add Homepage field, add live-initramfs to depends of fai-nfsroot replace ssh with openssh-server and openssh-client (closes: #434356) * fai-cd: copy grub config always to menu.lst * get-config-dir-nfs: add -n to mount * get-config-dir-svn: error if svn call fails (closes: #447602, #441761) * update FSF address (closes: #444154) * fai-chboot: pxedir should also use $TFTPROOT, (closes: #443837) * menu.lst/postinst: check if variables are defined (closes: #445978) * ftar: make it a bash script * fai-setup: add option -C (closes: #388157), fix mode of authorized_keys * fai-setup.8: add option -C * fai-mirror: mkdir mountpoint before mounting (closes: #365004) * updatebase: use aptitude when doing dist-upgrade (closes: #448426), use safe-upgrade when available * fai-divert: make it a bash script * 30-interfaces: resolv.conf is now in /, not in /tmp * make-fai-bootfloppy: script currently does not work, always die with error message * FAIBASE.var: add STOP_ON_ERROR * fai-savelog: do not save log to local directory, if this directory already exists (should only happen during softupdate), change permissions of LOGDIR (closes: #445276) * get-config-dir-*: call task_error after trying to access config space * sources.list: add koeln repository -- Thomas Lange Thu, 22 Nov 2007 15:45:12 +0100 fai (3.2.1) unstable; urgency=low * mount swap partitions with identical priorities * fai-mirror: also match lowercase class names (for hostsnames), use $cfdir instead of fixed path /etc/fai * subroutines-linux: add timeout to nc call * subroutines: change message for faimond in task_faiend() * control: readd libapt-pkg-perl to depends, nfs-server (user space) does not support locking, so FAI cannot use it, remove wget, add arch to mknbi * get-config-dir-svn: add svn+ssh support * QUESTIONNAIRE: add USB stick, split bootb and dhcp * faimond, faimond.8: use Proc::Daemon, add options tTldP * faimond: do not allow ; in message (security), do not print ip and port number * make-fai-nfsroot: add option -U, do not divert update-initramfs (added because of a Ubuntu bug), activate -U if Ubuntu is detected determine the arch inside the nfsroot for defining a class, this help building amd64 nfsroots on i386 and vice versa, add support for running hooks, (closes: #342467) * make-fai-nfsroot.conf: add variable NFSROOT_HOOKS * make-fai-nfsroot.9: add info about NFSROOT_HOOKS * fai-mirror.8, make-fai-nfsroot.8: enhance/add info of -C, add info about variable FAI_ETC_DIR * packages_config/DEFAULT: fix typos in linux-image-amd64 * fai-chboot,fai-chboot.8: add option -C and support for $FAI_ETC_DIR * savelog.LAST.source: add ignore pattern * packages_config/FAIBASE: add fai-client * fai-do-scripts: exit with maximum error code of all child scripts that had an error * fai: change message when stamp file already exists (closes: #441437) * fai-cd: remove arch specific path * fai-cd.8: add info about USB stick (closes: #441988), improve man page (closes: #441991) * new get-config-dir-git: add method git for access (closes: #441992) * examples/etc/dhcpd.conf: fix path * faimond-gui: new tool that produces graphical output of faimond * faimond-gui.8: new man page * get-config-dir-svn: fix svn+ssh with username (Closes: #442021) * fai-guide.sgml: add info about NFSROOT_HOOKS -- Thomas Lange Mon, 17 Sep 2007 13:30:34 +0200 fai (3.2) unstable; urgency=low * subroutines-linux: fix extra slash in path (closes: #428860), jobsrunning(): ignore rcS process (closes: #425725) during dirinstall call debootstrap if no base.tgz is found * setup_harddisks: fix file system type of /proc * fai.conf: make ssh and scp the default (closes: #309678, #380085) * fai-guide.sgml: major update to reflect FAI 3.X changes (closes: #390508), fix description of classes used (closes: #329984), change /usr/share/doc/fai to /usr/share/doc/fai-doc (closes: #387541), fix an url, add documentation for dirinstall (closes: #390508), document usage of basefiles/ (closes: #391660), document the order hooks are called (closes: #380337) * get-config-dir-svn: add support for svn url's without username (closes: #415875) * subroutines: copy disk_var.sh only if available (closes: #415880), fix wrong path for FAI_CLASSES * savelog.LAST.source: add more patterns * faimond: add options -p, -h, -b, it can now call fai-boot (closes: #342477, #424608) * faimond.1: update man pages to reflect the new options * fai-savelog: use $LOGREMOTEDIR when saving to remote (closes: #290371), do not set $HOSTNAME, should be set all the time (closes: #429553, #429733) * make-fai-nfsroot: add option -p (closes: #359323), move from fai-kernels to plain Debian kernel using initrd (closes: #410940), remove unused things since we have now write access to the nfsroot, use mkdir -p, live-initramfs needs NFSROOT in .../live/filesystem.dir, move creating of subdirs from make-fai-nfsroot to fai (from server to client), do not create shell script in make-fai-nfsroot, remove -V, use aptitude to remove the kernels from the nfsroot, -k now reinstalls all packages from /etc/fai/NFSROOT (closes: #431613), update-initramfs symlinks to /bin/true during diversion * make-fai-nfsroot.conf: remove the variable KERNELPACKAGE (closes: #416531, #435098) * make-fai-nfsroot.8: remove -V, new description for -K and -k * fcopy: set mode on file even no file was copied (closes: #360184), check error code of preinst and postinst scripts (closes: #432681), add quotes to variable (closes: #430127), skip comment lines in file-modes * fai-chboot: $NFSROOT is defined in new location (closes: #408247), add initrd support, add option -s (closes: #356380), remove nfs options from append line * fai-chboot.8: ROOTFS parameter is not needed any more, add option -s * device2grub: fix pattern to support /dev/cciss and /dev/ida devices (closes: #416381) * conf/NFSROOT: add packages needed for new fai-cd technique, add plain debian kernel package, add ext2resize, hwinfo and change arch specific packages, move packages cfengine2 and libapt-pkg-perl from control to NFSROOT * control: change dependencies from tetex to tetex or texlive, replace Recommends of rsh-server with ssh (closes: #426093), add aptitude for fai-server as Suggests, remove fai-kernels, add field XS-Vcs-Browser, syslinux is only available on two architectures, do not depend on cfengine (v1), since it does not exists any more * fai: do not remount / read only, do not call create_ramdisk, now we use unionfs, remove HOST variable, only use HOSTNAME now, use mkdir -p, export $action for 20hwdetect.source, call save_dmesg only during initial installation, during dirinstall set LOGDIR=/var/log/fai/dirinstall/$HOSTNAME (closes: #429553) define FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP, FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP_OPT for dirinstall create syslog.conf before starting the syslog daemon when doing dirinstall -c or -N must be specified (closes: #429554) the local hard disks are now mounted to /target instead of /tmp/target * move from mkinitrd-cd to live-initramfs to create a CD, use plain Debian kernel * menu.lst: remove unneeded options, add boot=live for new initrd, remove root (cd), fix setting of hostname, instead of using ip=, we now use hostname= * create_resolv_conf: fix path, since we can now write on the whole filesystem * fai-cd: use plain Debian kernel with initrd and live-initramfs for booting (closes: #401041), add option -f, force removal of an existing ISO image add option -k, this is for debugging add option -n, do not create ISO image add option -u, copy fai-cd data to a directory (USB support) use $NFSROOT/live/filesystem.dir * disk-info: do not include removable devices into list of disks * fai-class: remove HOST variable, only use HOSTNAME now do not set HOSTNAME from uname (closes: #431283) * multiple files: add some patches fixing english text (closes: #428857, #428858) * 20-removable_media: fix path for floppy mount point (closes: #428859) * fai.8: add option -u, --hostname (closes: #361559) * add variable TFTPROOT (closes: #408271, #431431) * fai-mirror: use $NFSROOT/live/filesystem.dir do not ask questions, add unauthenticated packages to the mirror * 20hwdetect.source: do not execute 20hwdetect.source during dirinstall * debconf/FAIBASE: autodetect most xorg parameters, (but not resolution) * install_packages: add option -N, change option -t to -n, add patch that AptPkg module is only used when available and target system is Debian (closes: #422225), move code to check_aptpkg(), add smart package manager support (closes: #430798) do execute Debian specific commands only when needed (closes: #392038), grab error codes when executing commands, exit with 3 when errors occured, add option -H (closes: #391659), put suffix -internal to all internal commands, remove -n from tasksel calls print path once, then only config file names, not always full path * install_packages.8: add option -N and -H, change option -t to -n, add option -p (closes: #424848) * create_ramdisk: replaced by unionfs * fai-do-scripts: remove -k from cfagent call (closes: #425699), add new strings for shell scripts (closes: #416616) * fai-server.post*: do not manage $TFTPROOT (closes: #430000) * package_config: move linux-image package from FAIBASE to DEFAULT, add kernel name for architecture * ainsl: escape + in pattern * make S01fai-abort an init.d script -- Thomas Lange Tue, 21 Aug 2007 18:11:28 +0200 fai (3.1.8) unstable; urgency=medium * conf/NFSROOT: remove unknow package name (closes: 407950) * setup_harddisks: use C locale when calling mkreiserfs (closes: 413504) * fai-mirror: add /usr/sbin to $PATH so a normal user can also call this command (closes: 413466) * simple/package_config/GERMAN: fix wrong package name * lib/subroutines: replace >>/dev/stderr with >&2 -- Thomas Lange Tue, 13 Mar 2007 23:39:56 +0100 fai (3.1.7) unstable; urgency=medium * subroutines: ifclass() should append to stderr (closes: #409059) * examples/simple/, lib/fai-mount-disk, lib/mount2dir: use bash for shell scripts (closes: #410084) * fix typo in bug number of older changelog entry * install_packages.8: add info for variable MAXPACKAGES -- Thomas Lange Wed, 14 Feb 2007 12:11:29 +0100 fai (3.1.6) unstable; urgency=high * fix important and grave bugs * fai-setup: do not fail (and exit) if $loguserhome is not writeable for root (closes: #407947) * fai-class: fix syntax error (closes: #408153) -- Thomas Lange Tue, 23 Jan 2007 23:49:33 +0100 fai (3.1.5) unstable; urgency=low * make-fai-nfsroot: remove copying of *.pub files (closes: #406334) * fai-debconf: add template when create tmp file, remove also old tmp files (closes: #406336) * fai: add missing parameter to --long options (closes: #406125) * fai-classs: set hostname from -u as intended (closes: #406125) * scripts/FAISERVER/10-conffiles: fix wrong path (closes: #406500) * README: update year from 2006 to 2007 -- Thomas Lange Fri, 12 Jan 2007 14:57:12 +0100 fai (3.1.4) unstable; urgency=medium * these are only document changes and a one liner for setup_harddisks * fix default examples. A change in the xorg package dependencies broke the default FAI example installation (closes: #405435) * remove xlockmore package from example (closes: #405433) * setup_harddisks: add support for mountig existing NTFS partitions (closes: #404187) -- Thomas Lange Thu, 4 Jan 2007 15:30:42 +0100 fai (3.1.3) unstable; urgency=medium * fai-savelog: fix a security tagged bug, make local copy of LOGDIR only readable for root and group adm (closes: #402644) * fai: add missing shift command (closes: #402588) * fai.8: improve dirinstall info (closes: #402294) * package_config/FAIBASE: add packages, this is only a documentation change -- Thomas Lange Sun, 17 Dec 2006 17:40:54 +0100 fai (3.1.2) unstable; urgency=high * use new fai kernel version 2.6.18 * control: add Vcs-Svn control field (closes: #399561) * conf/NFSROOT: remove package hwtools, which do not exists any more * fai-chboot: exit if file cannot be written, tmpfile was not always removed * make-fai-bootfloppy: remove sit interfaces from list of network devices (closes: #400521), print error if it can't write to floppy device (closes: #400522) * fcopy: tmpfile was not always removed * mount2dir: use noatime when mounting local file systems * lib/subroutines-linux: change comment * fix typo in changelog * fai-server.postinst: change message (closes: #400324) -- Thomas Lange Mon, 27 Nov 2006 20:04:51 +0100 fai (3.1.1) unstable; urgency=low * control: remove mkinitrd-cd from Recemmends: and Suggests: * make-fai-nfsroot: add missing option h to getopt, fix typo, test if $cfdir is already set (closes: #394884), no code change, reorder code so a normal user gets help whem using -h,--help * faireboot: fix file name to variables.log * fai-chboot: fix several bugs for listing options, option -p expects an argument, fix for -c behaviour (closes: #389905) * fai-chboot.8: minor document fixes * fai-mirror.1: fix example (closes: #390520) * fcopy: remove temporary file after use * fai: start udev before creating /dev/shm/network, remove set +a for dirinstall, so $fai_rundate will be exported (closes: #390373) * subroutines: umount config dir at the end of softupdate action, cd back to old directory, convert FAI_ROOT to absolute path if doing dirinstall (closes: #390346), die() only calls bash when FAI_ACTION=install, add -i to bash call (closes: #362252) * subroutines-linux: check exit status of get-config-dir * get-config-dir: replace die call with echo and exit statement, add error message * get-config-dir-cvs: fixed regular expression as 'expr' automatically anchors to the beginning * LAST/50-misc: /sbin/unconfigured.sh is not used any more * ainsl.8: explain ^ and $ treatment in more detail * FAIBASE/10-misc: add anchors to ainsl pattern * class/20hwdetect.source: change discover call * aisnl,fcopy,fai-chboot: print help and exit if unknow option was given * lib/task_sysinfo: remove call of kudzu since it's not available any more in etch -- Thomas Lange Mon, 6 Nov 2006 15:57:01 +0100 fai (3.1) unstable; urgency=medium * Makefile: force bash in Makefile, fixes FTBFS in ubuntu * rename action dirinst to dirinstall (closes: #390345) * fai-cd: fix wrong path for sources.list (closes: #391639) * scripts/FAIBASE/10-misc: use ainsl instead of echo >> ... * lib/create_ramdisk: make /var/discover writeable * make-fai-nfsroot: create directory var/discover, add option -h and usage() subroutine * subroutines: move find's maxdepth option to the left, prevent multiple fai softupdate running simultaneously (closes: #390680), move disk_var.sh from FAI 2.X installation old to new location rename variable sndhostname to sendhostname * get-config-dir*: replace \s and \S in expr with regex using [:space:], so it also works for sarge's version of expr * subroutines-liux: add test if base.tgz exists (closes: #390343), sources.list must be used from /etc/apt during normal installation * fai: add option -u,--hostname (closes: #390367), create /dev/shm/network if directory not already exists (needed for initrd kernels) * LAST/50-misc: do not fail if hardware clock can't be set * fcopy: swap call of postinst and set_mode * install_packages: add missing package list to yum and rpm calls (closes: #392032) * rename sndmon() to sendmon() * fai-start-stop-daemon: start udevd (needed for ubuntu) and do not fake it, add carriage return * package_config/DEMO: remove rstatd since it buggy atm * 20hwdetect.source: xorg can discover the grpahics driver itself, do not call discover -- Thomas Lange Thu, 19 Oct 2006 14:46:32 +0200 fai (3.0) unstable; urgency=low * conf/make-fai-nfsroot.conf,sources.list: move from sarge to etch * fai: export FAI_ACTION, fix -c and -C in usage() * subroutines-linux: fix path of resolv.conf * fai-chboot: remove devfs=nomount, use NFS v3 * package_config/DEFAULT: replace kernel-image with linux-image * faireboot: stop udevd * rename class XFREE to XORG, use xorg packages * bin/fai: rename $targetdir to $FAI_ROOT * add debconf data for german environment (closes: #386192) * package_config/GERMAN: new file includes packages for german environment * new script FAIBASE/20-removable_media creates fstab entries and makes directories under /media * new script and man page: ainsl, ainsl.1 * fai-start-stop-daemon: prints which daemon will not be started * get-boot-info: fix duplicate call of get_dhcp_info() * FAIBASE.var: add FAI_ALLOW_UNSIGNED=1 * fai-setup: add option no_subtree_check to etc/exports lines * get-config-dir-svn: svn support for config space (closes: #314991) * fai.8: add info about dirinst, add example -- Thomas Lange Wed, 27 Sep 2006 15:44:46 +0200 fai (3~beta21) unstable; urgency=medium * make pathes conform to FHS: (closes: #340608, #311524, #336650, #309554, #340609) * use /srv/tftp/fai instead of /boot/fai * use /srv/tftp/fai/pxelinux.cfg instead of /boot/fai/pxelinux.cfg * use /srv/fai/config instead of /usr/local/share/fai * use /srv/fai/nfsroot instead of /usr/lib/fai/nfsroot * use /var/lib/fai/config instead of /fai * use /var/lib/fai/mirror instead of /mnt * create_ramdisk: call mkrw with -n * setup_harddisks: use more secure options for /proc line * fai-chboot: use tcp as default for nfs, nfs v3 can will become default with etch, existent .disable pxe file will be removed automatically, add headline when copying from template, change in options: -d is now -D, -r is now -d, -r is not used any more, abort if $pxedir does not exist (closes: #373596) * subroutines-linux: task_updatebase does not use updatebase.log any more (closes: #366823), try ftar $FAI/basefiles before extracting base.tgz, create policy-rc.d in the chroot, copy sources.list from $FAI_ETC_DIR, replace $FAI_REMOTESH with local variable $remotesh, fix path for resolv.conf * move /etc/fai/sources.list to /etc/fai/apt/sources.list * fix lintian error: build-depends-indep-should-be-build-depends debhelper * complies with policy 3.7.2 * added a linda override for fai-quickstart (ignore /usr/doc-symlink warning) * added Section: headers to binary packages in control * conf/make-fai-nfsroot.conf: remove variables: $nfssize, $NFSROOT_PACKAGES, $package * new config file /etc/fai/NFSROOT which contains the package list * fai.conf: remove FAI_REMOTESH and FAI_REMOTECP, use FAI_LOGPROTO instead, LOGSERVER, LOGREMOTEDIR, LOGPASSWD removed installserver removed (closes: #332837) * lib/subroutines: remove get_fai_cvs(), get_fai_dir(), now separate scripts, print warning if CD-ROM does not use DMA mode, eject fai-cd at the end of the installation * fai: replace $rclog with $LOGIDR/fai.log, add option -C,--cfdir, -c,--class (closes: #353535), add support for dirinst, cleanup LOGDIR before using it again (closes: #369534), remove variable rundir, mkdir /var/run/fai if not existing, trap uses subroutine clean_exit() for dirinst * fai-setup: use getent for getting IP address, make it a bash script, change $HOME of LOGUSER (closes: #290449), do not use SERVERINTERFACE for getting hostname, add all IP addresses and host names to ssh_known_hosts (closes: #286692), remove variable FAICLIENTS, use IP address and netmask for exportfs line (closes: #381261) * make-fai-nfsroot: new subroutine all_host_entries(), use install_packages and /etc/fai/NFSROOT for installing packages into the nfsroot, install fai-nfsroot before other packages are installed, do not exit if getent returns no information, rename -c to -C, use readlink to determine $cfdir (closes: #358765) * variable $fstab replaced with fstab (no more Solaris support using vfstab) * savelog.LAST: set reboot=1 if no errors are found * fcopy: fix bug (closes: #374415) * control: update to Standards-Version: 3.7.2, fai-quickstart depends on tftpd-hpa * make-fai-bootfloppy: read make-fai-nfsroot.conf instead of fai.conf, replace backticks with $(), fix test (closes: #384624), rename -c to -C * lib/get-boot-info: get network info via DHCP if ip=dhcp was set * prcopyleft: remove osname from copyright logo * subroutines: add task dirinst (closes: #322634), do not execute task prepareapt on softupdates (closes: #315000), save FAI_CLASSES and disk_var.sh to /var/lib/fai, do not save variables.log to /var * move fai-divert to fai-client package * ftar: fix exit code when no matching class was found * move code from script get-config-dir to task_confdir() * rename $DO_INIT_TASKS to $do_init_tasks * install_packages: add option -p * fai-mirror: use packages.nfsroot instead of packages.arch, check if obsolete variables are used, remove -a, add -B * add policy-rc.d support instead of diverting start-stop-daemon * remove varaible diskvar, use $LOGDIR/disk_var.sh instead * fai-debconf: use read-only temp file during reconfigure * get-config-dir-file: access config space via local path, used by fai-cd * fai-cd: use $FAI instead of /fai * fai-mirror: generate distrib name from FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP * move some -c to -C, so now all scripts use -C for cfdir, setting $FAI_ETC_DIR is the same as specifying -C cfdir, print message if this variables is used * move NEWS to NEWS.Debian * VERSION: default is kernel 2.6.17 -- Thomas Lange Wed, 13 Sep 2006 18:54:38 +0200 fai (2.10.5) unstable; urgency=high * fixes patch from last NMUs. (really, really closes: #373955) * make-fai-nfsroot: print debootstrap version * add package lftp to nfsroot * create_ramdisk: make more directories writeable * 20hwdetect.source: add some usb modules * dhcpd.conf: next-server is needed in dhcpd3 >=3.0.3 -- Thomas Lange Tue, 11 Jul 2006 16:28:21 +0200 fai (2.10.4) unstable; urgency=high * Non-maintainer upload. * Fix previous patch; it should remove files from $FAI_ROOT/etc, not /etc, as faireboot is not run inside the chroot. (Really Closes: #373955) -- Steinar H. Gunderson Sun, 9 Jul 2006 18:59:55 +0200 fai (2.10.3) unstable; urgency=high * Non-maintainer upload. * Remove /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/{10,90}fai in faireboot, since the settings used during install_packages are not appropriate for the finished system. (Closes: #373955) -- Steinar H. Gunderson Sun, 9 Jul 2006 15:54:55 +0200 fai (2.10.2) unstable; urgency=medium * lib/get-boot-info: call dhclient with different configuration and script names, closes grave bug (closes: #369265), remove dpkg-divert calls for /etc/dhcp3/dhclient-script and /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf * create_ramdisk: make /etc/lvm writeable (closes: #365035) * do not call mkrwsize if directory does not exist (closes: #365037) * lib/mkrw: add option -n * make-fai-nfsroot: grep before appending to file (closes: #364748), enable DNS inside the nfsroot (closes: #358783) * lib/subroutines-linux: task_prepareapt(): check $IPADDR before appending to file (closes: #331258) * lib/subroutines: make 100MB ramdisk for /fai when booting from CD * bin/fai: do not mount --bind /tmp/fai on softupdate -- Thomas Lange Wed, 14 Jun 2006 11:51:19 +0200 fai (2.10.1) unstable; urgency=low * fai-chboot: fix division by zero error * fai.conf: remove $OS_TYPE * fai: remove $OS_TPYPE, set $targetdir, eval_cmdline is not needed for install and dirinst, move prcopyleft() and additional code into external script, use /var/log/fai/current as default LOGDIR, /tmp/fai is currently a mount --bind to it * fai-do-scripts: replace --no-lock with -K, this should fix cfengine's segfault bug * install_packages: add commands for y2pmsh, yast and rpm * mount2dir: add more fs types that should be skipped * fai-mirror: use different source.list when downloading packages for debootstrap (closes: #361786), remove comments from PACKAGES line (closes: #358910), add option -C, (closes: #318299), recreates Package.gz and Release file using apt-ftparchive * fai-cd: add option -C (closes: #312198), print FAI version in grub menu, not fai-cd version * make-fai-nfsroot: print warning if -f is still used, add config for aptitude to allow unsigned packages without prompting * menu.lst: enable timeout, use localboot as default, remove syslogd flag, remove unused entries, fix IP address for demohost * subroutines: new path /var/log/fai/current/showvar.log * fai-guide.sgml: include package splitting into fai guide * make-fai-nfsroot.conf: new names packages in fai-kernel, add console-tools to nfsroot (closes: #363480) * get-boot-info: do not try to activate the first four ethernet devices * conf/apt.conf: add aptitude option so untrusted repositories will also be used * instsoft.FAIBASE: use fcopy for kernel-img.conf * subroutines-linux: use IP address when calling fai-chboot in task_chboot, this helps when the install client has two network cards and the host name lookup fails * mkrw: fix typo (closes: #363521) * dhcpd.conf: make deny unknown-clients default, remove range definition * S99fai-setup: enable networking for faiserver -- Thomas Lange Thu, 20 Apr 2006 11:46:12 +0200 fai (2.10) unstable; urgency=low * setup_harddisks: mapdisk(): add support for more than two disks, fix wrong comments (closes: #356265), allow logical partitions to be bootable (closes: #344536) * make-fai-nfsroot: do not copy files from /etc/apt to the nfsroot, detect kernel version for new kernel name (closes: #352939), remove patches-* file when using -K (closes: #348350), remove update-modules call, remove symlink creation to /tmp, add warning if $FAI_LOCAL_REPOSITORY is still used * fai-chboot: change output of -l and -L, major rework of the lsdir function, add more options for different listing formats, add template copy function (closes: #342471, #356136), options added: -g -c -t -o * 20-hwdetect.source: test if discover is installed * make-fai-bootfloppy: remove obsolete message (closes: #347974) * fcopy: remove newline from $source, add \Q, (closes: #350015), warning if unlink fails, add option -n (closes: #356378), preserving is not an error (closes: #360183) * make example scripts more cfengine2 compatible (closes: #312201) * hooks/instsoft.FAIBASE: do not pause when kernel modules are already available (closes: #314613) * install_packages: new feature, just unpack packages (closes: #277079), add urpmi, urpme and yum support * fai: exit script if no parameters are given and no run from nfsroot * subroutines: add verbose output when defining variables, add subroutines mkrw and mkrwsize, set $diskvar during softupdate to /var/log/fai/disk_var.sh, task_savelog: test if files exist before copying them * remove FAIBASE/20-save_diskvar (closes: #312296) * task_sysinfo: call lshw if available * lib/get-boot-info: remove duplicate network device names * make-fai-nfsroot.conf: use SERVERINTERFACE for detecting subnet (closes: #341577) * create_ramdisk: use mkrw for making directories writeable * fai-mirror: add warning if some files do not exist -- Thomas Lange Mon, 3 Apr 2006 15:11:30 +0200 fai (2.9.1) unstable; urgency=low * install_packages: add aptitude-r to @commands (closes: #343361) * new command fai-statoverride (like dpkg-statoverride) * fai-chboot: use NFS v2 as default until FAI will drop sarge support * fai.8: fix typo (closes: #343642) * doc/classes_description.txt: remove all unused classes, update description (closes: #322026) * add script AMD64/99-discover-bug * add class FAISERVER * updatebase: mount /sys into chroot * mkdebmirror: remove non-US stuff * savelog.LAST: add segfault to error pattern * make-fai-bootfloppy.8: fix typo (closes: #346428) * make-fai-nfsroot: do not try to copy file if resolv.conf does not exist * menu.lst: add entry for faiserver * fai-cd: adjust space, new code for generating sources.list file * fai-debconf: add test if debconf data file exists (closes: #348857) -- Thomas Lange Sun, 5 Mar 2006 22:37:31 +0100 fai (2.9) unstable; urgency=low * splitting binary package fai into fai-server, fai-client, fai-doc and fai-nfsroot (closes: #210507) * adjust some paths * remove beowulf and advanced examples * increase compat level to 4 * delete sunos code from source * scripts/ directory is now bin/ * fai-cd: fixed hardcoded sources.list for the install client to be generated, code by Michael Tautschnig (closes: #320024) and at least partially #329547, test if nfsroot was created (closes: #317495), test if mkisofs is available (closes: #334871), exist unless arch is i386 or amd64 (closes: #339098), check if $FAI_CONFIGDIR is valid remove subroutine mhide amd module-hide, mkbimage is not needed any more, use grub's stage2_eltorito feature mkisofs uses -no-emul-boot, no floppy emulation needed, size is not limited any more to 2.88M * install_packages: ignore packages ending with - when using -d (closes: #334333), remove backtick evaluation (closes: #322157), add -R to default aptitude call, add aptitude-r for download only mode, add more warnings * lib/create_ramdisk: make /etc/network/run/ifstate writable (closes: #312128) * fai-mirror: add -i to egrep (closes: #312508), add option DPkg::force-conflicts::=yes (closes: #328138), only aptitude can install conflicting packages, test if $mirrordir starts with a slash (closes: #328139), check if $FAI_CONFIGDIR is valid (closes: #334577) * fai-do-scripts: do not execute S[0-9][0-9]* any more (closes: #310999) * fcopy: add preinst support, ignore .svn dirs (closes: #297550), do chroot before using getpwnam (closes: #283475), add option -U * fai-guide.sgml: include README.disk_config into fai guide, minor fixes, (closes: #332295, #332318, #332293, #332291) * make-fai-nfsroot: use --one-file-system instead of -l (closes: #308806), new test if ssh package is installed (closes: #322759), create apt.conf.d file to support unsigned repositories, fail if debootstrap return with error code (closes: #342120) * subroutines: test if hooks are executable (closes: #338524), new stamp file name when action is softupdate * make-fai-bootfloppy: fix code for -i when using a relative path (closes: #314551), add option -I (closes: #337271), create more space on boot floppy (closes: #294593), add option -B * FAIBASE/10-misc: with the new fai-kernels package we can call tune2fs even when using a 2.6 kernel (closes: #307147) * ftar: test if $single is set (closes: #340421) * FAIBASE/30-interface: do not overwrite resolv.conf if it's a symlink (closes: #305783) * setup_harddisks: add i2o support (closes: #317797), add workaround for udev behaviour * GRUB/10-setup: use -U with fcopy, so grub's menu.lst will not be overwritten during softupdate (closes: #313069, #314995) * subroutines-linux: fix idempotent code (closes: #340422) * fai: do not use color logo if $console was set, start udev if available (closes: #334373), test if run as root * lib/updatebase: mount /dev into chroot during installation if we are running udev * fai-chboot: read $NFSROOT from fai.conf, add nfsroot option to kernel parameters, root-path can now be removed from dhcpd.conf * add support for unsigned repositories * LAST/50-misc: fix code that detect of a kernel is installed, now it does not break if more than one kernel is installed -- Thomas Lange Tue, 13 Dec 2005 15:53:00 +0100 fai (2.8.4) unstable; urgency=high * fix important bug: remove non-US entry (closes: #310392) * package_config: remove nonfree package t1-xfree86-nonfree from examples (closes: #310705) -- Thomas Lange Wed, 25 May 2005 13:59:39 +0200 fai (2.8.3) unstable; urgency=high * fix a serious bug, remove debconf support (closes: #309209), debconf support may be included again after sarge * fix important bug, do not delete files in /etc/fai (closes: #309707) * control: remove dependency on debconf * postinst, postrm: remove debconf code * rules: do not call dh_installdebconf * remove debian/config, debian/template * remove files in debian/po: POTFILES.in de.po fr.po templates.pot * fai.conf: set placeholder for installserver, since debconf will not set it any more * conf/make-fai-nfsroot.conf, conf/sources.list: use ftp.debian.org instead of debconf's default values * man/fai-chboot.8: minor document patch (closes: #309138, 309142) * fai-guide.sgml: minor document patch, move section "For the impatient user" to the front (closes: #309134, #309556) * README.build-sources: add memo to use -ICVS in the future -- Thomas Lange Thu, 19 May 2005 15:54:18 +0200 fai (2.8.2) unstable; urgency=high * remove old unused scripts from cvs source * updatebase: use mktemp for creating temp file, this closes a serious security bug (closes: #307838) * fai: create dir only during initial installation, fixes a critical bug (closes: #307632) * subroutines-linux: do not "mount --bind" when FAI_ROOT=/, closes important bug (closes: #307631) -- Thomas Lange Fri, 6 May 2005 09:23:34 +0200 fai (2.8.1) unstable; urgency=low * only minor bug fixes, no major changes to the code, but a lot of them * make-fai-bootfloppy: add missing $ to variable (closes: #304824) * install_packages: add missing aptitude-r call (closes: #305544), add $qopt and $devnull, used when install_packages is called with verbose from fai-mirror * fai-mirror: fix wrong path (closes: #304179), remove needless test if mkinitrd-cd is available, add $qflag, return if $pkglist is empty, not when $addpackages is empty * fai: added $COLOR_FAI_LOGO, which is off when doing softupdate * fai-cd: add test if mkinitrd-cd is available * fai-savelog: set FAI_ACTION to noaction if undef (closes: #305283) * savelog.LAST: add error message to global pattern * make-fai-nfsroot.conf: remove --arch i386, since debootstrap now uses dpkg --print-installation-architecture instead of another call which needed gcc, change comment * make-fai-nfsroot: split i386 and amd64 packages list, remove packages from amd64 which are not available (closes: #306264) * menu.lst/postinst: use BOOT_PARTITION instead of ROOT_PARTITION (closes: #305861) * install_packages.8: remove option -f * make-fai-nfsroot.8: remove wrong information (closes: #304980) * control: add grub to suggests * rules: make hooks and postinst script executable * FAIBASE/10-misc: do not call tune2fs when using 2.6 kernel. This may hang the system * fr.po: added french debconf templates (closes: #306232) * de.po, templates.pot: remove fuzzy lines * README.disk_config: add notes about boot option * debian/postinst: replace sed -i with perl -pi -e since old sed does not support -i * fai-setup: change informational message * fai-mount-disk: mount file systems read only * 50-host-classes: move host specific class definitions to new script * fai-guide.sgml: fix typos and other minor mistakes -- Thomas Lange Sat, 30 Apr 2005 21:20:53 +0200 fai (2.8) unstable; urgency=high * remove ext2resize from $packages (closes: #303565) * major rewrite of simple examples (closes: #290554) * make-fai-nfsroot.8: add info about nfsroot location (closes: #303915) * fai-guide.sgml: major update for new release * setup_harddisks: add support for device names disk1 and disk2, reformat some output, print some messages only if $verbose is set * rcS_fai: renamed to fai, add manual page fai.8 * fai: add $rundir, remove unused dirs at the end, call set_disk_info before task_defvar, add variable $DO_INIT_TASKS, add code for softupdate support, rename rcS.log to fai.log, add copyright message to usage(), add option -N --new, always test $DO_INIT_TASKS with -eq * apt.conf: replace force-confnew with force-confdef * make-fai-nfsroot: use dpkg --print-installation-architecture instead off uname -m, add arch dependent package name to, remove "" for matching * in KERNELPACKAGE, test if $KERNELPACKAGE is empty $NFSROOT/var/tmp/packages.arch, use shadowconfig instead of pwconv * make-fai-nfsroot.conf: comment FAI_LOCAL_REPOSITORY, set FAICLIENTS to local class-C network, remove ext2resize until available again * subroutines: add task softupdate, add support for softupdate, add $DO_INIT_TASKS, minor changes in get_fai_cvs(), use swapoff -a for disabling swap partitions, test $DO_INIT_TASKS always with -eq, use /var/log/fai/FAI_CLASSES * subroutines-linux: script prepare_apt is now updatebase, add support for softupdates, add task_prepareapt, sliently skip task_chboot if LOGUSER is undefined, $disklist now sorted, print setup_hardisks output also to console * install_packages: cleanup of multiple packages with different install/remove operations, add installable(), check if a package is listed in a package index and not only in the dpkg database, add force-confdef and force-confold to apt-get, install_packages.conf unused, remove -f, sub read_config_file * fai-do-scripts: now executing scripts matching [0-9[0-9]*, S[0-9]* also supported for backwards compatibility * fai-mirror: add check if mkinitrd-cd and apt-move are installed, arch dependent packages defined in make-fai-nfsroot, replace sed with bash builtin, add $debdist, return if $addpackages is empty * fai-chboot: change message * load_keymap_consolechars: much simpler code * create_ramdisk: create /tmp/var/run/fai * fai.conf: installserver will be set by debconf, by default LOGUSER is unset * sources.list: insert MIRRORHOST which will be replaced by debconf data * Makefile: install device2grub to new location, rename rcS_fai to fai * control: add libapt-pkg-perl for install_packages, remove dependency on nfs, because fai can also only be used for softupdate * postrm: cleanup debconf data on purge * postinst: use debconf * rules: add dh_installdebconf call, remove chmod of rcS_fai * utils/mkdebmirror: --ignore-missing-release --ignore-release-gpg -- Thomas Lange Sat, 9 Apr 2005 23:43:27 +0200 fai (2.7) unstable; urgency=high * closes grave bug, make-fai-nfsroot.conf: replace raidtools2 with mdadm (closes: #299952), move cfengine from $packages to $NFSROOT_PACKAGES * closes important bug, make-fai-nfsroot: use resolv.conf from install server during creation of nfsroot (closes: #301230) * rcS_fai: set classes before fai-class is called (closes: #301179), set hostname if HOST was specified on the commandline * fcopy: fix wrong variable name * package_config/KERNEL_SOFT: replace `echo $kernelversion` in package name with 2.6.8 * fai-guide.sgml: fix a lot of broken http links, add info for fai-cd * install_packages: add setdownloadonly() and $opt_d * conf/install_packages.conf removed * fai-mirror: source make-fai-nfsroot.conf, add add_base_packages(), allow - in class names, add option -a, call install_packages with -d, add PKGCOMP for apt-move.conf, do not exit 9 if $FAI_DEBMIRROR is not defined, log aptitudes actions to /dev/null * fai-mirror.1: add option -a * install_packages.8: add option -d * add fai-cd script for creating a bootable FAI CD image (closes: #265444) * add fai-cd.8 man page * add conf/menu.lst: needed by fai-cd * control: add mkinitrd-cd to Suggests, add Build-Depends-Indep on debhelper greater version 3 * class/DEFAULT.var: use kernel-image-2.4-386 as default kernel package * fai-savelog-ftp: remove $ENV{LOGREMOTEDIR} from mkdir since we just cd to it -- Thomas Lange Fri, 25 Mar 2005 23:51:34 +0100 fai (2.6.7) unstable; urgency=low * add task debconf (closes: #136503) * new script fai-debconf * add manual page fai-debconf.1 * control: use nfs-kernel-server by default (closes: #293876) * QUESTIONNAIRE: minor update * packages_config/XFREE: remove some -dev packages * packages_config/SERVER: remove symlinks * packages_config/DEFAULT: add debconf-utils * replace backticks with $() * fai-do-scripts: use local variables, make it a bash script * fai-guide.sgml: update for debconf support, add aptitude in install_packages config -- Thomas Lange Thu, 10 Mar 2005 11:00:05 +0100 fai (2.6.6) unstable; urgency=medium * 06hwdetect.source: add comment, add class NVIDIA which is not currently used, bug fix: correct SCSI detect 2.6 kernel, replace backticks with $(), discard error messages from modprobe, enable dma mode for ide devices (with fai CD it was not enabled) * make-fai-nfsroot: use "" when testing variables, add link for discover, remove resolv.conf created by debootstrap (closes: #281264), create list of all packages in base.tgz, add packages for x86_64, remove unneeded files in $FSROOT/etc/fai * ftar: bug fix do not do recursive removal if $target/$dir is / * fai-guide.sgml: fix typos (closes: #287150), add info about /files/packages/ (closes: #290359) * add task_savelog to die() (closes: #290526) * make-fai-bootfloppy: bug fix: support /media directory, choose last installed kernel if more than one kernel is installed in nfsroot * setup_harddisks: bug fix: redefined mountpoint are too often reported, allow space before primary and logical keyword * create_ramdisk: bug fix: make directory for discover * fai-setup: typo in variable name (closes: #289271), reload nfs server instead of restart, read make-fai-nfsroot.conf, use variable FAICLIENTS * fai-class: bug fix: option -T hangs the script, make it a bash script, replace backticks `` with $(), bad variable name in testclass() * share/subroutines: bug fix: cd to / so umount -a will not fail too often, kill sshd before rebooting, umount $target/proc before umounting all otger file systems, copy FAI_CLASSES variables.sh disk_var.sh to $target/var/log/fai * fai-chboot: bug fix: do not fail on subnet IP addresses, test if host lookup is possible before calling $h->name (closes: #290007) * install_packages: add option -f, add command{pending}, command{dpkgc}, print max number of packages only in verbose mode * install_packages.8: add option -f, add info about install_packages.conf * new config file: install_packages.conf, used for fai-mirror(1) * rcS_fai: remount / with noatime, set variables if booting from CD, set hostname to $HOST it was unset, remove unused variable, minor code cleanup * DEFAULT/S01: add copying of /etc/modules * DEFAULT/S10: add message where grub writes boot record * class/01alias: add class FAICD if running from fai CD, add classes for host gnomehost (used by fai-cd) * package_config/DEMO: replace install with aptitude * make-fai-nfsroot.conf: add variable FAICLIENTS, remove package dpkg-dev * script/LAST: enable shadow passwords for passwd and group in examples, eject cdrom when running from fai CD * task_sysinfo: call hwinfo if available * fai-savelog: do not save remotely if $LOGSERVER is not set * new command fai-mirror and manual page fai-mirror.1 * .../XF86CXonfig-4/DEFAULT: change HorizSync, use pc105 keyboard model * .../XF86CXonfig-4/MATROX: removed because DEFAULT works now -- Thomas Lange Fri, 21 Jan 2005 04:24:26 +0100 fai (2.6.5) unstable; urgency=medium * install_packages: bug fix. Do not remove package names which are search patterns for aptitude, read /etc/fai/install_packages.conf if it exists * hooks/savelog.LAST: add patterns that will be ignored * fcopy: add support for svn and arch, add option -I, use variable $FCOPY_IGNOREDIRS if set * fcopy.8: add option -I -- Thomas Lange Thu, 11 Nov 2004 15:14:08 +0100 fai (2.6.4) unstable; urgency=medium * add missing Beowulf examples * fai-guide.sgml: fix error in link * fai-start-stop-daemon: add short options, because so some init.d scripts use them * rcS_fai: do not use -t when remounting * make-fai-nfsroot: print error when $KERNELPACKAGE is not found, add a package for alpha architecture * share/subroutines: do not dump variable $HOME and $PWD to variables.sh * doc/QUESTIONNAIRE: typos, add example for answer * install_packages: use warn instead of print for warning and verbose messages, add aptitude support * Fai.pm: add () to subroutine calls * prerm: do not exit when nfs server reload fails (closes: #279024) * setup_harddisks: add $devdisklist to call of sfdisk (closes: #276033) * preparte_apt: divert programs before calling apt-get update * subroutines-linux: redirect stdin of install_packages unless in debug mode (closes: #264727) -- Thomas Lange Mon, 8 Nov 2004 14:38:58 +0100 fai (2.6.3) unstable; urgency=high * subroutines: remove $rootpw from variables.sh (closes: #270871) * update to kernel 2.4.27 * make-fai-nfsroot: force link creation of ifstate (closes: #270463), use /etc/shadow in $NFSROOT * make-fai-makefsroot.conf: add xfsprogs and xfsdump packages, adjust size, install with chmod 0600 (closes: #270666, #271113) * DEFAULT/S10: removed: add auto to /etc/modules * class/DEFAULT.var: use single quotes instead of double quotes, $kappend contains kernel parameters, new default kernel package kernel-image-2.4.27-1-386 * scripts/DEFAULT/S20: remove unused action * packages_config/DEFAULT: add iproute to NETTOOLS * make-fai-nfsroot.8: add info about make-fai-nfsroot.conf, add option -K which first removes all kernels from nfsroot (make-fai-bootlfoppy is broken if multiple kernels are in the nfsroot) * fai-setup: add option -e which does not set up nfs environment, which may hang some production systems for a while * fai-setup.8: add info for new option * Makefile: install make-fai-nfsroot.conf with 0600 -- Thomas Lange Mon, 13 Sep 2004 18:40:36 +0200 fai (2.6.2) unstable; urgency=high * install_packages: fix broken taskinst action, workaround for new tasksel behaviour * DEFAULT/S10: fix broken grub entry for FAI_BOOTPART when two kernels are in the nfsroot * fai-chboot: add option -e the opposite of -r, uses nearly the same code -- Thomas Lange Thu, 26 Aug 2004 20:09:15 +0200 fai (2.6.1) unstable; urgency=medium * catnc() greps through more than one file * changlog messages of fai-setup moved from 2.5.2 to 2.6 * hooks/savelog.LAST: add package names which include the string "error" as ignorepatterns * make-fai-nfsroot.conf: add portmap again, since nis setup needs it * make-fai-nfsroot: add option -k which installs a new kernel for the nfsroot (closes: #256187), /root/.profile sources variables.sh, test if $NFSROOT/prco/self exists before umount, kernel_install() includes all code for installing the kernel, create dir $NFSROOT/var/state only when not already existing, call umount_dirs and reset trap exit for normal finishing script * control: recommends dhcp3-server (closes: #263260), update to standards 3.6.1, remove sp from build-depends * rcsfai.var is not needed any more * share/subroutines: do not dump readonly variables to variables.sh * faireboot: make it a bash script, source variables.sh, source subroutines, send message to faimond * fai-divert: do not execute if dpkg-divert is not available * install_pacakges: add support for tasksel remove, set default number of packages from 4711 to 99 * package_config/COMPILE: replace task c-dev by list of packages names * prepare_apt: make diversion of invoke-rc.d * rules: call dh_clean after make clean * prerm: test if $nfsserver is empty (closes: #263906) * NETWORK/S40: remove /etc/hosts from fcopy list * DEFAULT/S20: add async to export options * fai-savelog: define $HOSTNAME to output of command hostname * subroutines-linux: task_chboot() use `hostname` instead of $HOSTNAME, sndmon() use $sndhostname instead of $HOSTNAME * remove doc/README.package_problems * fai-guide.sgml: add hint about dhcpd/nfsroot (closes: #264486), fix typos -- Thomas Lange Mon, 9 Aug 2004 14:02:13 +0200 fai (2.6) unstable; urgency=low * fai-setup: fix hostname detection when hostname includes a dash -, pass all fai-setup options to make-fai-nfsroot (closes: #255830) * fai.conf: move make-fai-nfsroot specific variables to make-fai-nfsroot.conf * fix typo in lib/get-boot-info (closes: #242739, #239405) * fix link in fai-guide.sgml (closes: #237794) * fix typo in make-fai-bootfloppy.8 (closes: #238608) * make-fai-bootfloppy: change lilo labels in (closes: #248955), check if -s option is IP-address or hostname, new path for stage files, remove install= line for lilo.conf, newer lilo does not need boot-menu.b, added support for old an new lilo * make-fai-nfsroot: add package dmidecode for some archs, add module-init-tools, libapt-pkg-perl, smartmontools, usbutils, lvm2, raidtools2, hwinfo, remove portmap package, jove to nfsroot, do not copy bootsector, use mkelf-linux, new code for creating timezone and localtime (closes: #201440), always show $NFSROOT when copying verbosely, insert newline before adding $FAI_LOCAL_REPOSITORY to sources.list, warning if $FAI_SOURCES_LIST is used, use new make-fai-nfsroot.conf file, divert discover-modprobe, add -q to depmod, create var/state dir, add subroutine fdivert(), use fdivert instead ov ln or mv commands * create_ramdisk: use tmpfs instead of shm, create dir for discover * fcopy: -i always exists with 0 * rcS_fai: if a file /.nocolorlogo exists, do not enable colored logo and let scroll region unchanged * 06hwdetect.source: new call of discover (closes: #248532), be silent when loading modules, use pipe instead of exec for find, mount usbfs after loading an usb module, add $videodrv to additional.var, load different modules when using a 2.4 or 2.6 kernel * 11modules.source: moved into 06hwdetect.source * lib/task_sysinfo: first call discover, then load modules using discover, call smarctl for each disk, call lsusb, print partition table with parted * fai-divert: create dummy script only when dpkg-divert will succeeds * fai-savelog: copy LOGDIR recursively, add remote log method none, add -xdev to find * subroutines: use /proc/uptime to determine installation time, use $() instead of backticks, set terror when error occurs, add catnc(), report FAI_FLAGS in one line, send message to faimond when starting a hook * subroutines-linux: set terror if error, add sndmon TASKERROR, do not copy kernel image and initrd to install server, remove echo command when defining kernel append parameters as variables * faimond: always flush output * fai-chboot: add option -o, special treatment of hostname default, also list default config file when using -l, die with error message if hostname is unknown, remove path from program name * install_packages: add option -L, calling system with array should be more efficient, new code for detecting unknown package names uses AptPkg, add subroutine mkpackagelist(), remove path from program name * bootsector, bootsector.8 removed * class/LAST.var: removed because $hdparm is not needed any more * class/70partition: remove definition of class FAI_BOOTPART * class/01alias: remove unimportant examles, remove catnc definition, remove beowulf example * DEFAULT/S01: remove copying of bootsector, remove our local stuff * scripts/BOOT: grub-install does not probe floppy drive, use bash, replace backtics with $() * hooks/instsoft.SERVER not needed any more * hooks/savelog.LAST: add more messages to ignore * disk_config/SMALL_IDE: remove partition /fai-boot, make / and /var bigger, /usr smaller * package_config/*: adjust package names to sarge distribution * S40: remove NISLPRCLIENT and bootptab stuff * examples/etc/sources.list: remove proposed updates lines * mkdebmirror: mirror woody and sarge in one directory * new FAQ * THANKS: juergen added -- Thomas Lange Mon, 26 Jul 2004 17:22:44 +0200 fai (2.5.4) unstable; urgency=low * DEFAULT/S01,S20: add async option to export lines * fai-guide.sgml: add info how to boot a SUN Sparc, add URL for Sparc * make-fai-nfsroot: add gnu-efi and silo to arch package lists, add sparc64 arch, ppc arch uses vmlinux not vmlinuz * make-fai-bootfloppy: create and use device.map for grub_floppy (closes: #233018), remove unused ip entry for fixed ip addresses, create iso9660 iso image with option -i * make-fai-bootfloppy.8: add option -i and an example for creating a cdrom image * rcS_fai: add prcopyleft() and fstart(), use mkfifo and tee instead of bash special >(), mount sysfs if available * doc/README.disk_config: add info about lazyformat * THANKS: added holger -- Thomas Lange Thu, 26 Feb 2004 17:07:31 +0100 fai (2.5.3) unstable; urgency=low * make-fai-bootfloppy: call grub in chroot environment, so correct libc is used, add option c and F, DHCP is now default boot protocol, be more verbose * make-fai-nfsroot: add option c which sets $cfdir (closes: #219824) add variable nfssize, remove package strace, check if $NFSROOT is set, mkdir $RUNDIR is not need any more, use $cfdir instead of fixed /etc/fai, do not copy fai-chboot to nfsroot, call certain commands in a LC_ALL=C environment, add more verbose messages, new options for mknbi-linux call (closes: #181393), test if FAI_SOURCES_LIST is defined or a sources.list file exists, be verbose when copying important files if option -v is set depmod -a ... || true so it does not stop the whole system * debian/control: replace netboot package with mknbi * debian/dirs: add var/run/fai, remove unused directory utils * debian/prerm: check if $NFSROOT is set, sleep 2 before removing nfsroot * man/make-fai-bootfloppy.8: add new options F and c * man/make-fai-nfsroot.8: add new option c * lib/task_sysinfo: show ide disk geometry remove detect call most text reformated, because subroutine definition removed * doc/Makefile: remove some new tempfiles, add "|| true" to rm so it does not complain * fai-chboot: add option -S, complain when host names are missing for option -r * fai.conf: add packages to the exclude list for debootstrap new name for KERNELPACKAGE add comment how to use NFSROOT_ETC_HOSTS (closes: #219433) remove FAI_SOURCES_LIST examples, use sources.list instead disable FAI_LOCAL_REPOSITORY by default put important variables to the top * examples/etc/sources.list: new file, that shows examples of different access method to the Debian mirror * fai-guide.sgml: describe new handling of sources.list, add manref to make-fai-nfsroot, new line for tftpd in inetd.conf, add info on use without DNS * class/06hwdetect.source: modprobe ide-detect needed for 2.4.24 kernel, remove ide-probe-mod, add isa-pnp * lib/get-boot-info: new code to extract ip parameters, fix problems when one parameter is missing * share/subroutines: islinux() not needed any more, task_chboot: always copy new kernel image to /boot/fai/$HOSTNAME-localboot * apt.conf: replace values yes with true * rcS_fai: new code for task action pipe at the end, new mount option for remounting /dev/root, copyright has one line less * examples/etc/dhcpd.conf: new example for a local 192.168.1 subnet, add nfs mount options to root-path * VERSION: default is kernel 2.4.24 * chkdebnames: most parts rewritten * setup_harddisks: typos -- Thomas Lange Wed, 4 Feb 2004 14:42:40 +0100 fai (2.5.2) unstable; urgency=low * rcS_fai: print copyright message in red, set scroll region, add actimeo for nfs mounts * fai.conf: add exim4 packages to exlude list * make-fai-nfsroot: add netcat to nfsroot; remove libdetect0 from package list (closes: #219420), copy preferences from /etc/fai (closes: #219824), use apt-get dist-upgrade instead of upgrade, do not create base.tgz in $NFSROOT/.. and then move file * setup_harddisks: add -f tp mkfs.xfs option (closes: #219439) * faimond, faimond.8 added * subroutines-linux: add sndmon subroutine, try to connect faimond, on success, enable monitor feature, test if $ret is empty, make it a bash script, show nc output only when debugging * fai-guide.sgml: typo in URL * class/01alias: use other IP-addresses for exmaples * lib/fai-mount-disk: extend regex to support devfs names (closes: #218541) * scripts/DEFAULT/S01: create S61hdparm if $hdparm is not empty, set cdromdevice to SCSI if available, add code for lprng setup if NISLPRCLIENT and LPD * class/LAST.var: do not set a default value for FAI_ACTION, change in comment * add postrm file to remove all files when purging * subroutines: add sndmon messages, script should be bash script, change debug code in ifclass * install_packages: remove pinning info before checking for misspelt package name, usage() points to the man page * fai-setup: chown of /boot/fai * utils/softupdate, lib/prepare_apt: use dist-upgrade * debian/compat created and debian/conffiles removed * scripts/DEFAULT1/S20: add noatime,actimeo=900 options, add linux logo to login messages * sunos/makefile: add fai-savelog to solaris tarball * hooks/savelog.LAST: added "unexpected IO-APIC" to ignore pattern * Fai.pm: test if /var/adm/messages exists * lib/task_sysinfo: add dmidecode call, add sfdisk -d call, change fdisk call -- Thomas Lange Tue, 6 Jan 2004 15:20:10 +0100 fai (2.5.1) unstable; urgency=low * share/subroutines: use $SECONDS instead of date +%s * fcopy: add usage info for -M * add chapter "advanced FAI" to fai guide * dhcclient-perl: add new names to mapping table * lib/create_ramdisk: start devfsd if needed * share/subroutines-linux: task_chboot should return, not exit; copy initrd.img to install server if needed for the kernel * make-fai-nfsroot: add $NFSROOT_ETC_HOST before calling apt-get upgrade; remove mkdir of fai_config * package_config/DEFAULT: add nfs-common for all * examples/simple/scripts/DEFAULT/S01: add -n to head command (closes: #205547) * sunos/scripts/SUNOS/S05: add -t to expand * sunos/bin/newfs:chown -> chmod * make-fai-bootfloppy: use perl one liner to get IP and host name, call grub executable from nfsroot * fai-guide.sgml: fix typos (closes: #204763) * package_config/DEFAULT: always install nscd package for speedup * Makefile: remove mv of NETWORK1; add variable libfiles * rcS_fai,fai-setup: add async to mount and exports options -- Thomas Lange Fri, 10 Oct 2003 14:58:16 +0200 fai (2.5) unstable; urgency=low * add script fai-chboot * add script fai-savelog-ftp * add vaiables to fai.conf: FAI_LOGPROTO LOGSERVER LOGPASSWD; used by fai-savelog-ftp, localhost is default for $installserver * make-fai-nfsroot: add option -f, change to #! /bin/bash, copy resolv.conf to $NFSROOT, add libnet-perl, trap errors, add bad_exit() * make-fai-bootfloppy: bug fix, add root=/dev/nfs (closes: #198568), remove ip=both for fixed ip-address, change to !# /bin/bash * make-fai-bootfloppy.8: add example with fixed IP address * changes in package_config, added XFREE class * install_packages: add force-yes to apt-get install, remove warnings from apt-cache output, limit number of packages used at once using $MAXPACKAGES * bug fix: /proc/cmdline info is trashed when reading a long kernel command line * make-fai-nfsroot: create package list that depends on architecure, make symlink for syslogd * scripts/BOOT: noew code for generating grub entries, add grub entry for memtest; add entries for re-installation * scripts/DEFAULT1/S01: do never fsck ext3 partitions; add -M to some fcopy calls; add user demo; use fcopy for /etc/kernel-img.conf * scripts/DEFAULT1/S20: enable tcp connections for X server for CS_KOELN * fcopy: add option -M and -b; add variables FCOPY_LASTLOG and FCOPY_UPDATELOG; remove substring from an ewarn call * subroutines: append $FAI_ACTION to file $rcsfaivar; faiend must not reboot for SunOS * subroutines-linux: add support for fai-chboot * hook faiend.LAST renamed to savelog.LAST * setup_harddisks: add XFS filesystem support, add sfdisk environment variable * fai-savelog: make a bash script; use -exec instead of xargs because of sunos version of xargs * fai-class: remove comment lines also in the file $HOSTNAME * class/{dom,kueppers}: add NOSECURETTY * lib/get-boot-info: print warning message if no boot protocol was detected, add network info to boot.log if booting from floppy with fixed IP address * chkdebnames: bug in regex fixed * lib/create_resolv_conf: use resolv.conf from installserver if $DOMAIN is not defined * lib/task_sysinfo: call programm sysinfo if available * scripts/NETWORK1/S40: copy /etc/network/interfaces /etc/hosts /etc/networks using fcopy, add -i to fcopy calls * scripts/DEFAULT1/S10: create etc/hostname only if fcopy fails, add password protection to grub menu * class/01alias: use classes from file demo if hostname is demohost; add catnc(); use catnc instead of cat * class/11modules.source: now uses code from DEFAULT.mod * examples now live in /usr/share/doc/examples{simple,advanced} * utils move back to doc/examples/utils directory * utils/rshall: add exclude function * class/06hwdetect.source tries to detect video card * Makefile: do not create symlinks (closes: #195377), new directories for examples * rcS_fai: compute and print installation time in seconds * dhcpd.conf: remove unused commands -- Thomas Lange Wed, 6 Aug 2003 16:02:26 +0200 fai (2.4.1) unstable; urgency=low * set correct year in fai guide * dhcp3 support * make-fai-bootfloppy: force ext2 when mounting floppy, blank first sector * make-fai-nfsroot: FAI_BOOT determines which boot protocol to set up, fix ownership of $NFSROOT/root/.ssh/authorized_keys (closes: #183989) * use ext3 in most disk_config samples * Makefile: do not copy executable twice * minor changes to packages_config/AUDIO * install_packages: call "apt-get clean" to remove unused package files * fai.conf: add FAI_BOOT, add SERVERINTERFACE, add example how to access a mirror created by mkdebmirror via HTTP * S20: bug fix, move inserting $rootpw from GERMAN to any section * fai-class: add . to PATH; test operator == replaced by -eq * DEFAULT/S01: new location for bootsector executable * dhclient-perl: use short hostname * new script fai-do-scripts, contains the do_script() subroutine and task_configure code * QUESTIONAIRE: added questions -- Thomas Lange Thu, 3 Apr 2003 16:57:12 +0200 fai (2.4) unstable; urgency=low * not alles changes in templates/* are listed here, there are to many * use command fai-class to define classes, fai-class writes status of every script to status.log * make variables local or unset them after use, unset function definitions after use * add config files for XFree86 4.1 * many changes in the package_config files * bootsector: do not use dpkg to get hardware architecture, add man page * a lot of spelling mistakes corrected. Thanks Era! (closes: # 155735) * control: correct name for Debian distribution (closes: #150887) * new templates: hooks/partition.kueppers.source, hooks/faiend.LAST package_config/WWWKIOSK, class/WWWKIOSK.var, package_config/paeffgen * make-fai-nfsroot: add -l to tar when creating base.tgz (closes: #151173), add noatime to mount, new mknbi-linux options, check for existence of mknbi-linux (closes: #167900), replace $UID with `id -u`, do not call rdev, remove packages that are already installed by debootstrap, new option for mknbi-linux, always do setup for dhcp and bootp, write PATH to /root/.profile, correct location for syslog.conf, copy sources.list from /etc/fai if available, add diversion for discover, add rsync, ssh to nfsroot, do not die when mknbi-linux is missing, do not create device nodes (closes: #174844) * class/70partition: bug fix. Use the same file as setup_harddisks to determine classes which depend on partitions * scripts/*: convert some shell code to cfengine code, do not use fcopy if only a few lines has to be changed * scripts/BOOT: echo each kernel module to a seperate line in, add supoprt for kernel using initrd, use fcopy for lilo.conf and menu.lst, /etc/modules, lilo.conf can also boot the old kernel, add initrd option when using grub * scripts/DEFAULT1/S20: use declaration directories, add WWWKIOS entries * scripts/LAST: add call: apt-get -f install, copy sources.list * scripts/USB removed, now made in S20 * scripts/FAI_BOOTPART: missing $target added, remove rdev call * share/subroutines*: better regex for matching disks in /proc/partitions, task_sysinfo, prepare_apt, add link last to last action performed, new variable $LOGSERVER, list_disks move to a external script, disable debugging output in ifclass(), write exit status of scripts and hook to status.log and stdout, create_resolv_conf now an external script, write exit status of hooks to status.log, do not define $revclasses, save variables to variables.sh, subroutine task unsets the definition of the executed task after its execution, source hooks/subroutines now in fai_setup, remove task_backup, move load_keymap_consolechars to rcS_fai * share/subroutines-linux: remove diskandsize(), disk_info now called set_disk_info() which calls externel script * task_instsoft(): mount --bind /fai /tmp/target/fai so packages in /fai/files/packages can be installed using apt-get * new script disk-info prints a list of all disks and their sizes * new script get-boot-info contains subroutines for getting info via BOOTP or DHCP, also detects network devices * DEFAULT/S01: install $addpackages with one dpkg call, installation of default kernel creates symlinks in /, make /root accessable only by root, use fcopy -r to copy all dot files for the root account, do not copy sources.list * ftar: conditional rm -rf, echange in error message * test if mknbi-linux is available (closes: #167900) * make-fai-bootfloppy: add grub support, code reorganized and split into more subroutines, rmdir lost+found and copy fewer files to get more space on the floppy, replace $UID with `id -u`, create a generic boot floppy independant of the boot protocol, use one image with multiple append parameters, new options -v, -d, -l, -g * bug fix: hooks can now skip its task again * NFS file systems are also mounted with noatime. * rcS_fai: create var/run/sshd directory, /usr/local/{bin,sbin} at the very beginning of PATH, add /usr/lib/fai to PATH, PATH is defined before doing anything else, create_ramdisk is an extern script, new options for remounting /, remove some unused variables * task_sysinfo now a separate script; add lsmod call, new test if executables are available is using which, move log file from kudzu to $LOGDIR * adddivert, mkdivert, rmalldivert, rmdivert moved to the new script fai-divert * fai-divert: be quiet unless debug is set * mount_local_disks, umount_local_disks, fstab_mount move to new script fai-mount-disk * Fai.pm and subroutines* are moved from lib/ moved to share/ * Fai.pm: call disk-info to get size of all disks * fai-setup: ssh-keygen needs option -t (closes: #156947), test if nfsserver is set * fai.conf: correct line containing proposed-updates, new variable FAI_LOCAL_REPOSITORY, new directory for debian mirror, add architecture to debootstrap options, move some nfsroot packages to make-fai-nfsroot script, add $FAI_LOCATION, remove FAI_SHAREDIR * setup_harddisks: allow more that 3 primary partitions, new regex for matching disks and partitions, write less info to stdout, do not write info to stdout which is written to a separate file, name of partition table changed from hda.sfdisk to partition.hda * add sources.list in conf, it's used when FAI_SOURCES_LIST in undefined * fai_modules_off: add block-major-{104,105} * remove debian/undocumented * install_packages: add option -l, only print the list of packages, add option -h, -t does not executes the commands, support for classes listed after command, change in echo strings, add option to manual * disk_config/: make /fai-boot partition larger, CS_KOELN use more flexible values for partitions sizes * add suffix -386 to name of kernel-image package * save_log_*(): do not create loops in symlinks, moved to external script fai-savelog * apt.conf: add option force-confdef to dpkg call * 06hwdetect script loads SCSI and IDE modules and prints /proc/scsi info, less messages in verbose mode, detect SCSI devices correctly * move mount2dir to lib directory, echo different messages for verbose and debug flags * fcopy bug fix: option -r does not work correctly, when no matching file for a class is found, do not exit with error, add option -i and -B, use $LOGDIR, set $ROOTCMD for postinst scripts * templates/package_config: use nfs-kernel-server * debian/rules: use dh_installman to install manual pages * ATA33.var no longer needed, no tuning via hdparm in *.var * lots of updates and additions to the manual -- Thomas Lange Thu, 13 Feb 2003 11:45:29 +0100 fai (2.3.4) unstable; urgency=low * default name for fai kernel-image has changed -- Thomas Lange Thu, 16 May 2002 14:42:00 +0200 fai (2.3.3) unstable; urgency=medium * enable use strict in perl scripts * remove some potato specific code * typo fixed (closes: #143272) * add some packages to SERVER * copy id_dsa* and id_rsa* files in make-fai-nfsroot * debian/rules uses DH_COMPAT=3 * add packages to AUDIO, changes in SERVER * potato specific code removed * faireboot kills syslogd before booting * change symlink of rcS_fai (closes: #146430) * print warning before removing nfsroot * do not compress pdf files in /usr/share/doc/ -- Thomas Lange Thu, 16 May 2002 09:27:15 +0200 fai (2.3.2) unstable; urgency=low * bug fix: THISLOG is unused variable * added save_log_*(): only remove files (-type f added) * load net-pf-1 kernel module (unix socket) * minor changes in package_config files * added script class/S03hwdetect.source * dhclient-perl: dhcp use host_name * faireboot: use rmalldivert for removing diversions * $divertlist not used any more; use dpkg-divert --list * setup_harddisks writes list of swap devices; they are enables using swapon -- Thomas Lange Mon, 29 Apr 2002 19:47:39 +0200 fai (2.3.1) unstable; urgency=low * bug fix in make-fai-bootfloppy, fcopy * first letter in description now uppercase (closes: #142017) * add option -m to make-fai-bootfloppy * save keymap to boottime.kmap.gz * add many comments to shell scripts * copy $loguserhome/.ssh/*.pub files to $NFSROOT/root/.ssh * packages from $addpackages are also installed to the system if they exist in $FAI/files/packages/ * minor changes in package_config files * move task_confdir() to subroutines-linux * added create_resolv_conf(); code removed from task_confdir * jobsrunning() subroutine for linux and solaris added * faireboot: source fai.conf and subroutines-$OS_TYPE * subroutines-linux: additional way to determine all ethernet devices * move some packages from $NFSROOT_PACKAGES into make-fai-nfsroot * add more .ssh/ files to nfsroot * $FAI_SUBDIR renamed to $FAI_SHAREDIR * rcS_fai: add $osname * write some variabel definitions to $rcsfaivar (used for remote logins) -- Thomas Lange Tue, 16 Apr 2002 13:30:04 +0200 fai (2.3) unstable; urgency=low * default configurations are for Debian 3.0 * add auto stanza to /etc/network/interfaces (closes: #114627) * now depends on debootstrap (closes: #128457) * set DEBIAN_FRONTEND to "noninteractive" (closes: #131855) * Fai.pm now copied to new location if woody in use (closes: #125839) * package upgrade does not remove nfsroot (closes: #123463) * many files: use $FAI instead of fixes /fai, config file moved to from /etc/fai.conf to /etc/fai/fai.conf * store log files to $LOGDIR (default to /tmp/fai), can be set in fai.conf * read also subroutines-$OS_TYPE file * fai.conf: moved to /etc/fai/fai.conf variables removed: FAI_ARCH, UTC (now in class/*.var), KERNELVERSION variables added: FAI, FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP_OPTS * make-fai-nfsroot sets up pxelinux environment automaticly determine kernel version; added get_kernel_version(), copies /etc/fai/.cvspass to nfsroot, can now write the floppy image to a file added call_with_stamp subroutine, for easy creation of stamps Tue Jan 29 20:19:27 CST 2002 -- Chad Walstrom Added support to run script as a recovery operation. This is a glue-script; we may as well provide the ability to fix problems and continue. Changes include: - Adding a RUNDIR environment variable - A command line option "-r" for recover operations - logic tests and stampfiles to appropriate function calls Checked for existance of character file dev/boot255 before calling mknod. Checked for existance of $NFSROOT/proc/modules file before calling umount $NFSROOT/proc Recursively copies contents of /etc/fai/ directory (good if using CVS) Install $NFSROOT_PACKAGES in a second pass, to sidestep conflicts (e.g. so that ssh may replace rsh-client) Don't set up $LOGUSER's home directory if that variable is undefined add variable FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP_OPTS * conf/fai_modules_off: more modules turned off * call openvt with full shell path (closes: #134641) * hooks are also skipped if task is skipped * hooks that end in .source are sourced * class/*.mod file can now define variables * add ADAPTEC.mod file * apt/conf: set Assume-Yes "true" so apt-get (and tasksel) is noninteractive * lib/subroutines: /dev/ida/ and /dev/rd/ support in subroutine:umount_local_disks, added $netdevices_up, use $tfsab instead of fstab (for solaris support), /fai is now $FAI, mount shm file system if available, otherwise use normal ramdisk, strip comment lines when defining classes via scripts, added subroutine do_script, do_scriptss calls every script class//S[0-9]* when class is not a file, execute all S[0-9]* scripts in a directory /fai/scripts/$class/, skip all comment lines when definig classes task_partition() call setup_harddisks only if no disk_var.sh exists defclass also sources all scripts class/S*.source add subroutines adddivert(), rmalldivert(); task_finish calls rmalldivert, task_sysinfo calls kudzu; save_log*() -maxdepth not needed for find, save_log*() now uses date and time for directory name; /tmp/fai now $LOGDIR, can be set in fai.conf; new cvs co code * templates/scripts: change NET and NETWORK examples; now called S10, S40 and located in directory /fai/scripts/NETWORK/ BASE and DEFAULT moved to DEFAULT/S20 and DEFAULT/S01 * setup_harddisk: raid support for /devc/rd, /dev/ida and cciss driver for Compaqs Smart Array Controllers, called with -d * doc/Makefile: detect if anything is really to do * use gzip -dc instead of zcat * make-fai-bootfloppy: do not copy /boot/System.map to floppy, new option -s * added prtnetgr; change netgroup example and script all_hosts to use it * fcopy: added debug message if executing postinst, ignore CVS directories, use File::Find, now sets envionment variables $target and $FAI_ROOT, bug fix in -d option, new options -L and -P * KERNELVERSION not needed in fai.conf, now automaticly determined in make-fai-* scripts * FAI_FILES removed * Files added: THANKS, preinst, prtnetgr, pxelinux.cfg * Manual pages added fai-setup, install_packages, make-fai-bootfloppy, make-fai-nfroot * add use stict pragma for perl scripts * add auto.master and auto.scratch config for kernel automounter * mkdebmirror: use passive ftp mode * added autofs to package_CONFIG/BEOWULF * debian/prerm: do nothing when upgrading package * scripts/fai-setup: determine loguserhome earlier (closes: #136851) * new standards version 3.5.6 -- Thomas Lange Tue, 9 Apr 2002 18:29:15 +0200 fai (2.2.3) unstable; urgency=low * added ATOMCLIENT in disk_config * setup_harddisks detects harddisk even if no valid partition table is available * added dosfstools to nfsroot * added .rhosts for ATOMCLIENTS * added detect, discover and lsdev to sysinfo * make-fai-nfsroot: now ash compatible (closes: #117431) clean apt cache before creating base.tgz, make liloconf silent, verbose output can be redirected to a file call mknbi only for kernels using BOOTP, added sysutils package * scripts/DEFAULT: chmod 1777 the defined scratch partition * wake on LAN section added to fai guide * reiserfs patch added to setup_harddisks * nfs-user-server support for woody * DEFAULT: scratch directories are writeable for all users * utils moved from doc directory to /usr/share/fai * install_packages: check all package names, remove unknown packages from install list; PRELOAD support for url of type file: * dpkg-divert is quiet unles verbose is set * make diversion for broken liloconfig (closes: #113906) * added class NOGETTY * install_packages: add code for command PACKAGES hold -- Thomas Lange Thu, 8 Nov 2001 17:01:02 +0100 fai (2.2.2) unstable; urgency=low * bug fix in get_dhcp_info() * added jmon to BEOWULF -- Thomas Lange Wed, 10 Oct 2001 10:52:35 +0200 fai (2.2.1) unstable; urgency=low * bugs in mkdebmirror fixed * replace compat from nsswitch.conf templates (closes: #113902) * FAI_FLAGS can contain comma or space separatedd list of flags * echo device before BOOTP request * all_hosts uses netgroup allhosts -- Thomas Lange Fri, 5 Oct 2001 17:19:14 +0200 fai (2.2) unstable; urgency=low * fix lilo bug in make-fai-bootfloppy * user can define their own action using FAI_ACTION and creating a command /fai/hooks/$FAI_ACTION * rcS_fai rearranged; move a lot of subroutines into subroutines * hooks can force rcS_fai to skip the default task * timeout for bootpc can be set in rcS_fai * new subroutine ether_info sets variable $ethers * unused subroutine myyes removed * prepare-apt.log renamed to updatebase.log * task_sysinfo only probes available disks * install_packages: support for new task packages using tasksel * get_bootp_info() and get_dhcp_info() uses multiple network interfaces via variable $netdevices * layout of local Debian mirror for non-US changed * mkdebmirror: non-US has new location, minor bugs removed * rmdivert moves distrib.dpkg-new files * new chapter about installing a Beowulf cluster * bug in list_disks() fixed * diskless class is automaticly defined, improved diskless hook * package nfs-common added to nfsroot for lockd, statd * support for additional variable definitions and classes * new utilities: all_hosts, rshall and softupdate * new examples for Beowulf cluster: atoms, ATOMCLIENT, BEOWULF * defvar and devclass are now called before task_action * bug fix: fcopy down not convert from octal when using file-modes * all file in /files/root/ use file-modes * tlink can show symlink of a host or all file in /boot/fai * new class NOSECURETTY, NOTCPD -- Thomas Lange Fri, 14 Sep 2001 14:35:49 +0200 fai (2.1) unstable; urgency=low * user visible changes are now reported in NEWS file * setup_harddisk: do not check if root partition is in first 8GB, do not check if it's a primary partition * make-fai-nfsroot: uses debbootstrap if FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP is defined (closes: #100914) use /etc/apt/sources.list is FAI_SOURCES_LIST is undefined * call some commands with prefix LC_ALL=C, so diffrent locale does not change the output * ftar: do not call tar with option I, j or z, use pipe instead * rcS_fai: added hook support, use all ntpserver for ntpdate, always extract base.tgz, no version number in base.tgz; read_config() removed; move some task from fai_init to fai_setup to get their output; create etc/hosts with fqdn in target directory; $revclasses contains classes in reversed order * new flag createtv; controls if ctrl-c will reboot or give a shell and if two additional terminals will be available * debhelper compatability level now 2 * woody support: using debootstrap, different package lists * added class DISKLESS * subroutine disk_info rewritten, ignores cdrom * fai-setup: do not generate ssh key if already existing * cat < Fri, 20 Jul 2001 11:55:29 +0200 fai (2.0.2) unstable; urgency=low * typo in ftp Debian mirror fixed * corrected wrong cvs tag, some more little changes -- Thomas Lange Thu, 28 Jun 2001 14:11:23 +0200 fai (2.0.1) unstable; urgency=low * Default Debian mirror access now via ftp. This can take much time to download the required packages. (closes: #101596) * Check if LOGUSER is defined, (closes: #101620) * wget now recommends, (closes: #101594) * Use ntpdate if a ntp server is defined (tag nt in bootptab), (closes: #101899) * DEFAULT script writes fqdn and short hostname into etc/hosts, (closes: #101820) * Bug fix. Check if imggen executable is available. -- Thomas Lange Thu, 28 Jun 2001 13:33:33 +0200 fai (2.0) unstable; urgency=low * first upload to Debian archive * kernel-2.2.19 support * order of classes now (with increasing priority): DEFAULT, , $HOSTNAME, LAST * architecture is now also a class (see S01alias.sh) * class/*.source renamed to class/*.var, because they define variables * new description of all classes * $moduleslist is the list of modules that will be loaded by the new system * names of examples changed to make them more comprehensible * FAI_PACKAGEDIR now FAI_DEBMIRROR * new fcopy script for copying files with classes * new ftar script for extracting tar files with classes * manual pages for fcopy, ftar * converted many cfengine scripts to shell scripts * several classes and scripts removed and rearranged * S90partitions.pl replaces the old shell version * add FAI_BOOTPART class and scripts * klogd, syslogd running during installation * make-fai-bootfloppy can take additional parameters for the kernel and supports multiple network interface cards * kernel append parameters define variables in rcS_fai * added subroutines ifclass, rwmount * new command bootsector can enable, disable or list magic number of boot sector * make many variables local * better debugging of shell scripts * remote login has all subroutines available * faireboot -s saves log files to install server * sfdisk call removed from subroutines and Fai.pm, since it's not portable; unfortunately setup_hardisk still using it * new mount2dir command; this task is removed from setup_hardisk * files in package_config can use dpkg --get-selections format * redundant packages in package_config/COMPILE removed * PRELOADRM feature for package_config * comments in files in package_config/ are now everything after a #, not only at the beginning of a line * lvm not in nfsroot by default, grub now included * access from install clients to server can be done via rsh/rcp or ssh/scp (see fai.conf) * modprobe displays less errors * templates now stored in /usr/share/fai * all release timestamp in this changelog until version 1.4.2 are wrong; they indicate the time when I started hacking the next version; these are the correct release dates: Jun 20 2000 fai_1.1beta2.tar.gz Jul 11 2000 fai_1.2.0beta1.tar.gz Oct 26 2000 fai_1.3.0test1.tar.gz Nov 6 2000 fai_1.3.0test2.tar.gz Nov 23 2000 fai_1.4.0.tar.gz Dec 7 2000 fai_1.4.1.tar.gz Dec 12 2000 fai_1.4.2.tar.gz -- Thomas Lange Tue, 15 May 2001 14:28:31 +0200 fai (1.4.2) unstable; urgency=low * add wget to suggests list * xviddetect called for FAI_ACTION=sysinfo * fai.conf: added missing / in ftp definition of FAI_SOURCES_LIST * added parted to nfsroot and package_config/MINI_SOFT * FAI_KEYMAP files can also be located in /fai/files * added subroutine load_keymap_consolechar (was included in rcS_fai) keymap now called correctly * the little FAI banner is now printed on startup * variable hdparm tunes your hard disks and creates rcS.d script -- Thomas Lange Mon, 11 Dec 2000 16:36:31 +0100 fai (1.4.1) unstable; urgency=low * swap order of class ALL and hostname * CLASS ALL renamed to DEFAULT * templates/class/S*.source files renamed * scripts in class/ reorganized. First *.{sh,pl) are executed, then $class.source are sourced for all defined classes * install kernels removed, now included in package fai-kernels * hdparm available in nfsroot, sysinfo prints hparm -i * classs/ATA33.source can tune harddisk during installation * class DEBIAN_DEVEL commented out, because this software package list mostly segfaults dpkg * base?_?.tgz now included in nfsroot; BASETGZ not needed any more * bug fixed: setup_harddisks don't mount preserved partitions if mount point is not in root directory * bug fixed: no dns support during chroot in make-fai-nfsroot -- Thomas Lange Wed, 29 Nov 2000 11:34:41 +0100 fai (1.4.0) unstable; urgency=low * faireboot is faster and more reliable * package depends on nfs-server * keymap created by shell script ALL (uses $FAI_KEYMAP) * mk3comimage removed (uses non free software), now netboot is used * first version of the FAI Guide included * use dpkg-divert to fake some programs (solves many problems) * yes pipes to apt-get during installation * all definitions from global.conf are moved to fai.conf * make-fai-nfs now uses chroot when calling apt-get so nfsroot must not use the same Debian distribution as the server * $MNTPOINT is mount point for Debian mirror * postinst tasks are moved to fai-setup script * $UTC, $FAI_CONFIGDIR added to fai.conf * bug fixed: loopback device was not set up -- Thomas Lange Mon, 6 Nov 2000 12:20:00 +0100 fai (1.3.0test2) unstable; urgency=low * loopback device is set up during installation * create resolv.conf via script RESOLV instead of using cfengine * printers are defined in class/ not in cfengine script * mount nfs directories using rsize=8192 * bug fixed: make-fai-nfsroot removes /boot/*-$KERNELVERSION -- Thomas Lange Fri, 3 Nov 2000 10:26:03 +0100 fai (1.3.0test1) unstable; urgency=low * kernel in nfsroot is now build with kernel-package (make-kpkg) * installkernel now supports loadable modules * class/S05modules.sh can load modules (example global.mod) * add script make-fai-bootfloppy * client's timezone during installation is now the same as on server * FAI_ACTION sysinfo now mounts all local disk and searches for fstab * add support for expect scripts * add nfs-kernel-server support * do not create account fai if it already exists (e.g when using NIS) * new format for keymap and consolefont definition -- Thomas Lange Mon, 9 Oct 2000 18:08:02 +0200 fai (1.2.0beta1) unstable; urgency=low * two virtual terminals available (press alt-F2 or alt-F3) * make-fai-nfsroot removes pcmcia-cs installs additionals packages: lvm raidtool2 ext2resize sshd dhcp-lient flag verbose controls output level nfsroot is created without any interaction base2_2.tgz is fetched via wget if it's not found in /tmp * new start-stop-daemon script instead of symlink to fake it * configuration for kernel 2.2.17 * start sshd during installation for remote access; add "sshd" to FAI_FLAGS to enable this remote reboot possible via: ssh -l root hostname faireboot * additional dhcp support available (bootp is still the default) * cvs repository available -- Thomas Lange Fri, 30 Jun 2000 13:41:13 +0200 fai (1.1beta2) unstable; urgency=low * PRELOAD feature, faireboot added -- Thomas Lange Tue, 20 Jun 2000 16:29:14 +0200 fai (1.1beta1) unstable; urgency=low * Initial Release. -- Thomas Lange Wed, 7 Jun 2000 11:16:23 +0200